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Business Consulting

business consulting services

Only 50% of brands survive their first 5 years in business. Whether you’re just sitting down to write a business plan or weighing the benefits of expansion, the right consultant can provide a 360 degree view of what your options and risks are.

Why We’re Different

Our senior management team has over 40 years of experience successfully managing 22 bootstrapped startups. We’ve built companies from the ground up in the transportation, hospitality, technology, and marketing fields. We have applied experience in every C-level role you’ve ever heard of, and then some.

Most importantly, we take a no-jargon, no-snake-oil approach to helping our clients grow their businesses, identify their strengths, and attack their weaknesses. Here is a select sampling of the areas where we really shine:

  • New Market Expansion: We analyze the risks and benefits of possible expansion and make recommendations for a strategy.
  • Competitive Analysis: There are no secrets in the age of the Internet. Your customers and prospects know who your competition is, but do you?
  • Sales and Marketing: Whether you’re looking to implement better CRM or marketing automation solutions, or establish a service level agreement (SLA) among your frontline staff, we’ve got the tools and knowledge to provide recommendations on training and a plan for action.
  • Talent Acquisition and Retention: It’s harder than ever to hold onto stars with skill sets that make a difference. We can improve your interview experience, and analyze your corporate culture.
  • Product Launches: We'll assist in getting you the publicity and attention your launch needs.
  • Process Analysis: We can ensure you’re maximizing your people and optimizing tools and technology for your organization.

Before we make recommendations, we take the time to understand your policies, procedures, beliefs, and vision to ensure we know where any breakdowns have occurred.

Individuality Matters

Companies fail for a number of reasons, but failing to differentiate is a key reason that brands don’t achieve the success they deserve. The need for individuality is why we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to our consulting clients, even if they're in the same industry. Companies are made up of people, and every individual is unique.

There’s no room at the top for standard solutions.

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