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Richard Foshee - Account Manager

Richard Foshee - IMA Account ManagerFondly known to the IMA team as “Wordpress Master,” Richard has a unique talent for balancing creativity and a functional user experience. That’s all a fancy way of saying he makes pretty websites that work well, too. A lifelong artist and technology fanatic, “The Fosh” received a BA in Communication Design from Louisiana Tech in 2006.

In his role as IMA’s Website guy and Graphic Designer, Richard directs our agency’s visual communications. His responsibilities include web development, graphic design, logos, and branding. In prior work, Richard lead a team of graphic designers and creatives at digital signage startup. He’s honed a mastery of flash development, and relaying technical communication in visual form. Richard has also maintained a healthy portfolio of freelance projects, which include many clients in the nonprofit and media industries.

Richard is a native of Spencer, Louisiana, which we’d never heard of, either. Like many millennials, Richard abandoned drawing with crayons as a child in favor of early versions of MS Paint. While he now works in the Adobe Creative Suite, he’s still an artist at heart and a geek by birth.

When he's not busy making clients' websites stunning works of art, Richard likes to stay pretty far away from his dual monitors. He recently finished his second half marathon and enjoys spending time with his wife, snow-skiing, fishing, and hunting.


Connect with Richard: @richardfoshee