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We like to think of ourselves as your personal digital marketing engineers; we give you the tools and blueprint to optimally position your business for growth by targeting new lead sources. Our marketing is based on positioning your company so your potential customers can find you. We build inbound marketing strategies to match your goals and budget.

Graphic Design. Web Development. Consulting. Content Marketing. SEO. Email Marketing. Lead Capture. Whatever you need to crush your competitors. 

Hi, We're Inbound Marketing Agents.


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Bill Faeth - Co-Founder

A former golf professional and career entrepreneur, Bill discovered inbound marketing in 2008. He quickly became a convert to the techniques that allowed him to grow his business faster than ever, without having to spend more on marketing. Bill is a nationally recognized expert on small business growth and development, entrepreneurship, and marketing.


Jessica Bowers

Jessica Bowers - Marketing Director

For more than five years, Jessica has been creating and managing online content to generate awareness and drive sales for corporate and nonprofit organizations. With experience in public relations, social media, marketing automation, blogging, brand management and more, Jessica brings a creative and diverse marketing perspective to the position of Content Manager. Her goal is to develop digital content strategies that allow her clients to thrive online.


Lindsay Tjepkema

Lindsay Tjepkema - Director of Strategic Marketing 

Lindsay is a self-proclaimed marketing nerd who gets giddy about well-planned, well-executed inbound campaigns. She has led marketing efforts for companies in a range of industries, from life science to talent management, economic development to software development, eProcurement to social networks and more. She now applies that expertise to building strategies that deliver ROI for IMA's clients. 


SEO Zak Becker

Zak Becker - SEO Strategist

Zak's journey began in the radio business in the early nineties. He has been successful in many aspects of broadcasting including On-Air Host, Copywriter, and a Morning Show Host, before getting into SEO. For the last six years Zak has dominated Google with a storng focus on the technical side of SEO combined with user experience focus to increase conversions.



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 Brittney Ervin - Content Creator

A graduate of MTSU with a major in Creative Writing, Brittney Ervin considers herself a rogue wordsmith whose life passion is to write exceptional content. Brittney's main hobbies include writing short stories and running her blog, as well as experiencing the unique culture of Nashville.