What is Inbound Marketing?

If you're not sure what inbound marketing is don't worry you're not alone. Simply put, inbound marketing helps people find your products and services when they need them. Since 81% of consumers research online prior to purchasing a product or service inbound marketing at its core helps you Get Found, Convert Visitors to Leads, and Leads to Customers.

Effective inbound marketing consists of SEO, blogging, content marketing, social media, persona based campaign creation and deployment, analytics review and interations, and much more.  The key to success is that all of the components of your marketing plan are pulling in the same direction at the right times to be effective.

Our commitment to your success doesn't stop once you have implemented your first marketing campaign.  Inbound Marketing Agents will implement a customized inbound marketing campaign designed to grow your business by increasing website traffic, capturing lead data, and converting leads to customers. We will be with you every step of the way until you are ready to go out on your own, and even then we will be here to provide support and assistance as you grow.  We provide consulting services or we will do it all for you from HubSpot implementation to SEO and content creation.

What is inbound marketing

Below you will see some samples of the components we use to execute for our clients:

Keyword Research. We will analyze the keywords your website currently rank for and provide a report for new relevant short-tail and long-tail keywords to optimize for, then we will give you the blueprint on how to optimize these keywords.

Social Media Strategy. Discover what is being said about your business and your competitors via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, and blogs. Learn how to participate in these conversations as a contributor and not as a "seller."

Website Optimization. We can't guarantee you 1st page of GOOGLE, but we can teach you how to optimize your On-Page SEO and why Remarkable Content is the key to increased rankings and traffic.
We will also analyze your web pages to ensure they are optimized for your targeted keywords.

Landing Page Creation. Learn how to capture leads to keep the top of your sales funnel filled while lowering your COCA (Cost of Customer Acquisition).

Lead Nurturing. Now that you have leads, it is time to convert them to customers. A customized lead nurturing campaign will automate your sales cycle and increase your conversion rates.

Blogging. IMA will teach you how to set up, optimize, and publish to your business blog. You don't have time to blog? We will provide you with affordable resources to produce optimized content for your blog.

Analytics. Measure the performance of content publishing efforts to see which topics and information drive the most leads and sales. Use this data for future content publishing emphasis.

*A subscription to HubSpot is required for client's to take advantage of our Inbound Marketing Full Agency Services. HubSpot is NOT required for Consultation. 
* We customize all of our Inbound Marketing Packages to your goals, personas, time allocation, agression level, and budget to align with your sales and growth goals.