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    The Top Apps of 2016 (So Far)

    Posted by Bill Faeth


    We’re deep into 2016, and we finally have some information about the top performing apps thus far in 2016.

    SurveyMonkey has crunched the data, and social media apps are absolutely KILLING IT this year.

    Pokemon GO has already broken almost every record ever for app analytics, however it was released less than a month ago, so it hasn’t had enough time to register on SurveyMonkey’s list as of today.

    That said, there’s a reason why social media continues to be a huge driving force within the marketing world. Digital marketing has come so far in such a short amount of time, that small to medium size businesses still show resistance to marketing on social media. I come from a traditional marketing background, selling advertising television ad spots. And while there’s something to be said about traditional marketing, the pushback on digital can no longer hold you and your company back from really exploiting the incredible opportunities in front of you.

    Facebook Messenger takes the top spot on the most downloaded app list with 59.7 million downloads. While Facebook has all but mandated that to receive messages on the platform the consumer must download Messenger, this data shows the trust Facebook users have place in the platform, and justifies your spend on Facebook ads. 

    Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram round out the top four apps downloaded so far in 2016. Pinterest takes the sixteenth spot, with Twitter in a dismal twenty seventh.

    Social media apps also enjoy sitting on the top of the app pack in terms of monthly active users or MAUs. Facebook takes dominates the competition with 136.3 million MAUs, followed closely by YouTube and Messenger. Instagram comes in 9th with 88.4 MAUs, Snapchat at thirteenth with 61.5 million MAUs, and Twitter and Pinterest virtually tied for 17th and 18th.

    The study solidifies that Facebook, Google, and Apple have a lock on the top downloaded and top used apps. That signals their strength in the market, however there are a number of apps, specifically Snapchat, that shows huge strength with even bigger opportunities for digital spend.

    Another take away shows the decline of gaming apps. Don’t waste your advertising dollars on banner ads or pop up ads within gaming apps. Not only are they clearly no longer relevant, but users of gaming apps find these ads to be annoying, not influential.

    Social media is a dominating factor in the marketing battlefield. There should be no doubt that social media advertising needs to be a factor in your overall marketing budget.

    We’re only talking about the first half of 2016, so will Facebook and Instagram continue to dominate? Where will Snapchat factor into the mix in December? Will Pokemon GO continue to grow, or will it be a flash in the pan? This year has been a year of surprises for digital and social marketing, so the second half of 2016 shouldn't disappoint!

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