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    Listen: Agency Advice Direct From IMA's CEO

    Posted by Taylor Eben

    For an agency, longevity is everything - but building an agency that’s successful in the long-term is easier said than done. How do you make something that lasts?

    If anyone knows how to build an enduring agency, it’s Bill Faeth. The Inbound Marketing Agents CEO recently spoke about just that with Andy Baldacci, host of Hubstaff’s Agency Advantage Podcast.

    After a successful stint in the limousine industry, Bill started IMA as a way to help fellow limousine operators market themselves and be more profitable. Soon the agency had 17 employees and was bringing in $1 million in recurring revenue, seemingly overnight. But that meteoric growth nearly left the agency in ruins.

    In “Building an Agency That Lasts”, Bill explains how shifting his focus allowed him to make a swift and successful turnaround.  So, what are his keys to a successful, long-lasting agency? An unshakable adherence to quality; the ability to handle growing pains by constantly adapting your approach; and doing what works - and doing it really well.

    Thanks to his vast, varied background, Bill has quite a unique perspective to share. Anyone who works in an agency has something to gain from this episode of the Agency Advantage; especially those who want to grow their business.

    Click here to listen to the full podcast over on the Hubstaff blog.

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