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    IMA's Digital Skillet: Pokemon Go's Total Takeover and More

    Posted by Brittney Ervin

    Welcome to IMA's Digital Skillet, a weekly video series featuring some of our team's favorite marketing subjects and pop culture moments. This week's topics are Pokemon Go and what companies are really  looking for in a new hire.  Let's dig in!

    Pop Culture Moment: Pokemon Go's Total Takeover

    If you haven’t heard of Pokemon GO, then you’ve been living under a rock, or at least very, very far off the grid. If you’ve managed to keep Pokemon GO from taking over your entire life, then we commend you, and we’re actually kind of jealous.

    Can you teach us how to do that?

    We’ve officially succumbed to the Poke-madness, so we decided to break down what the app is, who’s using it and why you need to start caring about it.

     Check it out below!


    Marketing Minute: What Companies REALLY Want in an Employees

    Another topic of interest around the IMA offices this week was jobs.

    More specifically, we looked at the skills that marketers need in 2016 to impress (and get hired by) different companies.

    We were inspired by a blog we received from HubSpot, entitled “What 3,000+ Job Postings Taught Us About Today’s Content Marketers,” which basically outlined what companies across a number of industries were really looking for when it was time to hire.

    For this video, we looked at a unique study from the Chronicle of Higher Education and America Public Media’s Marketplace. The study revealed some fascinating things, not only about how recent college grads are viewed and evaluated, but also about which skills companies are really looking for when it’s time to hire in 2016.

    Check out our video on the topic below! 

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