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    How Can You Use Your Buyer Personas Once You've Built Them?

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    We’ve been talking an awful lot lately about buyer personas. We wrote about how to create them, and about how creating buyer personas can benefit your marketing targeting. But what's next?

    What are some other ways to utilize your buyer personas once you've created them? We've got some ideas...

    Use buyer personas to shape your website copy and content

    Your website is an extension of your brand’s personality. That’s building a business 101.

    But does your brand’s personality and the copy on your website actually speak to your ideal customer? It’s crucial to have alignment in this area.

    Building Your Buyer Personas: Questions You MUST Ask

    To make sure you’ve got your bases covered, use your buyer persona to double check and ensure that everything you publish as a company and business speaks to those personas. ‘

    Consistency matters a lot. If you’re targeting potential customers with certain language in advertising and social media, it should be authentic and not just a ploy to generate sales. When those potential customers navigate to your website, they should find generally the same tone and vocabulary. Don’t just use your persona for your marketing, use it to create consistency on your website too. That way, those who come to your website don’t leave because they feel that they aren’t getting what they bargained for.

    If your company has a blog (which it should!) use your ideal buyer personas to shape the content and format of your posts:

    • Is your ideal persona a busy working mom? Keep your posts short and sweet with bulleted points that are easy for scanning.
    • Is your ideal persona a recent college graduate who is knowledgeable about the startup tech industry? Try having the most up to date content as possible, and use terminology or an informal tone of voice that reflects the way those personas may speak in real life.

    Consumers all want to engage with, and buy from, brands they feel they can relate to. We know that we can turn customers into repeat customers, and then into brand advocates when those customers feel that they share values and interests with us. In order to capture the attention of consumers to even get that first interaction or sale, use your ideal buyer persona to shape your web copy and content and ensure that sense of value.

    Use buyer personas to shape your Social Media

    The wide open world of social media lends helps people from all walks of life find and engage with your brand.

    While using social media for brand awareness is a beautiful thing, not all your followers are going to fit in to your ideal buyer personas. So how then can you use your personas to shape your social media presence?

    As we mentioned before, consider those personas’ likes and values.

    Imagine what kind of content they will want to see on their feed. Are they interested in current events and technology? Are they interested in arts and entertainment? Do they value being up to date on the latest news, or seeing deep web content that hasn’t been shared a million times before?

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    When you can use your persona to identify the kinds of things that your potential customers want to see, it can help you to shape what you use your social media for, and what you share on your pages.

    Social media can help add credibility and trust to your brand. Carefully curated content and a steady stream of tweets and posts can show customers and potential customers that you want to provide them with valuable information. Curated content can show followers that you are a go-to source for current trends or news, and original posts helps to show that you are active and engaged with your fan base.

    Use your buyer personas to determine what your ideal audience wants to see on your social media pages. It helps to create social media guidelines for your day-to-day activities, or long term campaigns, and you should absolutely use your personas to help shape those guidelines.

    Also consider using your buyer personas to find people who you can follow. Try finding people who fit into your vision of ideal personas who may have large followings themselves, or who are influencers on social media. If you connect with these people organically through social media, they potentially could share something from your page, or mention you in a tweet or comment. Then, in turn, their following can become aware of your brand and messaging. The larger their following, the larger the potential reach of your message.

    Use your buyer personas to shape landing pages

    Landing pages are one of the most effective middle-of-the-funnel tools.

    People who interact with your company or brand through targeted ads or social media have already taken a step past surface level brand awareness and are actively seeking more information about you or your products.

    Using this information to your advantage is not only smart--it’s easy and effective way to make the path to purchase easier.

    You can absolutely use your ideal buyer personas to help formulate your landing pages. As we mentioned before, making sure your language and message are consistent is a crucial aspect to writing copy for your landing pages. But you can also use your personas to make educated guesses as to what your prospective customers may want or need when they navigate to your website.

    By creating tailored landing pages, you’re are increasing the odds that those users will continue to other pages on your site, and move closer to giving you their business.

    Think about this: When you see a brand that piques your interest on a banner ad or through social media, have you ever clicked to go to their website, only to be disappointed when you get there? It’s like some brands are creating increasingly clever marketing strategies to draw us in, but once we get to the website, they’ve cast such a wide net to appeal to as many people as possible, that we no longer identify with what we’re seeing.

    Landing pages are an easy way to avoid this. You can use your buyer personas to create landing pages that target specific audiences, that are also personalized based on where the user navigated from, and where they are in the buyer’s journey. Personalization is what is going to help you help customers move towards making purchasing decisions, and landing the sales.

    We can’t say it enough! Use buyer personas to target qualified leads

    We recently also wrote about targeting qualified leads, and lead scoring 101. We only briefly explained that the first step to setting up lead scoring is to create an ideal buyer persona, but we should have mentioned in more detail is how your buyer personas really help determine who a qualified lead is.

    Essentially, your ideal buyer persona is your ultimate qualified lead. By creating your ideal buyer persona, you know who your customer base is most likely to be, or at least who you want it to be.

    You can then use your buyer persona to figure out how and where to target those leads. If your ideal buyer persona is a business professional in the financial industry, then perhaps a targeted LinkedIn campaign makes sense. Or if your buyer persona is an organic food purchaser, you can target qualified leads through display ads on websites for vegetarian recipes.

    With marketing data that we have available to us now, there’s no reason to be making guesses in the dark as to how to reach our intended audiences. Using buyer personas to identify opportunities for targeting leads helps you to make educated strategies for successful lead generation.

    Making ideal buyer personas for your business is a crucial aspect to get your marketing and sales off the ground.

    But creating a persona isn’t enough. Use those personas that you create to shape your messaging and targeting tactics.

    When you can utilize what you’ve created to streamline your copy and content, to make better decisions about how to use social media and landing pages, and to better target qualified leads, you’ll be in a better position to earn new customers and keep them.

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