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    Closing Your Healthcare Sales Faster: Techniques for Success

    Posted by Brittney Ervin

    Are you looking for ways to create efficiencies in your sales team’s closing process? In the healthcare field, it’s important to develop a plan now.


    There is an endless amount of information available for people who want to sell better and close sales faster. But not every sales method involves smooth-talking or borderline-manipulative techniques. With the inbound marketing methodology, you can cull a list of leads that is so qualified that closing a final sale is the next logical and natural step.

    So how do you do it? How do you take your leads from super-qualified to customers?

    Provide Valuable Content and Diverse Landing Pages

    When your goal is to close sales more quickly, it’s important to start with a lead that has already expressed an active interest in your company’s product or service. It’s impossible to know which leads are most qualified if you don’t have content available for them to convert on.

    Think of it like this: if a potential customer reaches your website with a sincere interest in your software, but you don’t have a free trial or walk-through tutorial available, what is the next step for them? They’ll likely continue their online search and settle on a product that they can preview extensively before purchasing or reaching out to the company.

    You have to provide the content and conversion opportunities that a qualified lead is looking for.

    It’s also important to diversify your landing pages.

    Diverse landing pages that gather different information from your leads will help you further qualify them, adding even more information to their lead profile in your CRM.

    For example, if your top-of-the-funnel landing pages ask for name and email, your middle- and bottom-of-the-funnel landing pages should ask for more in-depth information, like company name and job title. These diversified landing pages will help you gather more information about a lead, while also keeping them engaged by asking different questions.

    Invest Time in Lead Scoring

    When your goal is to close sales faster, lead scoring and progressive profiling are vital.


    Because when you’ve identified and scored the prospects that are most qualified, you’ve skipped a few steps in the sales process. Qualified leads have already expressed interest in your product or service, displayed a curiosity about your software, taken part in a free trial, or contacted the company for a free consultation. These people are primed to make the next step: becoming a customer.

    So how do you target the right people before you move forward in the sales process?

    It’s important for your sales and marketing teams to collaborate in defining criteria for scoring leads. There are many elements of a lead’s professional and personal life to consider before giving them a respective score, indicating how qualified they are. Hubspot’s robust capabilities can help you locate some of the valuable information you need to assign a lead an intuitive score.

    Some of the questions you can ask to determine this score include:

    • Is the lead a decision-maker at their company?
    • What are the issues this individual deals with at their company in the day-to-day?
    • Can their company or office benefit from your product or service in some way?

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    Additionally, a great CRM or marketing automation software is imperative to gathering information about your leads.

    Hubspot and Salesforce are among the most thorough tools available for gathering and segmenting your leads by specified qualifications:

    • Which of your site’s web pages has the lead visited?
    • Have they visited your website multiple times?
    • Have they spent time on your products and services page?
    • Have they downloaded a free trial?
    • Have they signed up for a free consultation?
    • Have they downloaded or converted on multiple offers?

    This information will help you understand a lead’s position in the sales cycle, allowing your sales team to know, confidently, that the lead is sales-ready.

    Automate Your Process

    Yet another reason why it’s important to have a great CRM on hand is automation. If you want to close your sales faster, you need to have automated processes in place so your sales team knows when it’s time to make contact with a hot lead.

    When you’ve created strategic content for each part of the sales cycle, allowing a lead to travel from mere prospect to highly qualified and ready to buy, your sales team has a better compass for finding, and communicating, with leads who are most likely to become customers.  

    You have to decide how you will automate your process, gather those qualified leads and deliver them to your sales team. Once you’ve figured out a process that works, you can begin refining sales techniques and methods and closing those important healthcare sales that will propel your company towards growth.

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