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    4 Tools to Boost Your Conversion Rate Optimization

    Posted by Jessica Bowers Hopson

    Our Favorite Things for On-Page CRO

    As an agency, we are often asked about our favorite tools for the work we do on behalf of our clients. From content creation to social media engagement to website development to search engine optimization, the tools we use are a huge part of the work we do each day.

    We’ve decided to provide a few of our favorite tools in a series we’re calling “Our Favorite Things”. As we prepare for the holiday season, we’re listing our favorite things, a few of which you may want to put on your wish lists too. We started with SEO. Next up: CRO.

    As an inbound marketer, you put a lot of time and effort into your website. You curate stunning images, you write and edit blog posts that will attract the right prospects, and you place your keywords in just the right places. You're proud of your work. (Or at least, we hope you are!)

    Once you have attracted the right visitors to your site, are you doing all that you can to convert them into leads once they arrive? 

    If you are familiar with the inbound methodology as detailed by HubSpot, the four phases of customer acquisiton are:

    1. Attracting the right visitors to your site
    2. Converting these visitors into leads
    3. Closing the deal
    4. Delighting your customers long term
    4 stages of inbound


    Before you can focus on the closing and delighting phases, you must focus on converting those leads into customers.

    That's where conversion rate optimization comes into play. CRO is a tactic employed on your website to make it very easy for visitors to your site to share their information with you and become leads. 

    If you want to boost your online marketing efforts, you need to have the right tools in place to capture your site visitors and nurture them into leads and customers. 

    Below are a few of our favorite tools for optimizing the conversion rates on your website:

    Our Favorite CRO Tools:

    HelloBar: An easy-to-install plugin, HelloBar sits at the top of your homepage, welcoming visitors to your site and offering an opportunity for a download right from the start. (You may have noticed one on our home page!) By entering just one line of HTML code, you can easily add this tool to your WordPress, Shopify, SquareSpace or HubSpot website. And of course, we love the option to A/B test! Upgrade to Pro for additional features and analytics. 

    Crazy Egg: Do you often wonder where visitors are clicking on your site? With Crazy Egg you can view which links are most-often clicked and where visitors are spending the most time on your pages. With heat-mapping technology, this site allows you to measure which links are (or are not!) being clicked on, so that you can adjust and iterate quickly. Set up a free trial for 30 days to start seeing results you may not expect.

    SumoMe: This collection of CRO tools has become a go-to for the IMA team. With free and paid features, as well as integrations into HubSpot and MailChimp, you can capture site visitors on all pages of your site. With nearly 10 different tools in this suite, you can add to your email list through pop-up boxes, static conversion bars and even built-in list-builders. Adjust the timing of your boxes to appear upon entry or as visitors are navigating to the "X" at the top of their screen. Though you can gain a lot of insight from the free version, we recommend upgrading to the paid version for detailed analytics and integrations. 

    HubSpot Reports: We would be remiss if we didn't list HubSpot amongst our favorite tools. Some of the recent additions HubSpot has made to its platform allow for even greater insight into performance of your marketing efforts. Email metrics allow you to view not only which links within your email were clicked, but whether a recipient was viewing on desktop or mobile, iPhone or Android. This information helps you tailor your conversion opportunities accordingly. For instance, if the majority of your email list is using a mobile phone, your CTAs should be easy to locate and your form fields should be minimal. These insights and tools are free for HubSpot users; additional features are available in the new Reports Dashboard available to Enterprise users. 


    With these conversion tools in your toolbox, you'll be ready to maximize the power of your marketing and website. Stay tuned for our next edition of "Our Favorite Things!"


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