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    Going to INBOUND 2015? Here's where you'll find us!

    Posted by Lindsay Tjepkema

    How one marketing strategist plans to tackle HubSpot's annual conference

    INBOUND 2015 is less than two weeks away and I couldn’t be more excited. You see, I’m a self-proclaimed inbound marketing geek and certified (literally) HubSpotter. I even work for a HubSpot Platinum Partner, but I’ve never been to INBOUND before. How could I let this happen? Not sure. But this year, I’m going!

    As I gear up for my first INBOUND experience, I wanted to share some of the sessions I’m looking forward to most. With speakers like Seth Godin, Chelsea Clinton and Daniel Pink, who wouldn’t be excited? But beyond the big names, there are some really great topics on the agenda. Here are just a few that I’ve added to my agenda.

    INBOUND Sessions We Can't Wait to Attend

    The Changing Face of SEO in 2015

    As marketers, we focus on creating engaging content and effective conversion strategies. We publish blog posts that get likes, comments, shares, and lots of views. But what about optimizing it all for SEO?

    It can be hard to stay at the forefront of changes in SEO best practices, which is why I’m looking forward to this session by Bill King and Tyler Richer of HubSpot. They will discuss common 'then vs. now' misconceptions and talk about modern SEO strategies that work in today's search world. I’m hoping it will be a good SEO refresher with tips and new insights I can use to improve search rankings as a marketer.  


    The Unified Business Model (The Future Of Sales & Marketing)

    I have written quite a bit over the last couple of years about the need for today’s enterprises to align Sales and Marketing. I’ve experienced first hand (many times) the gap between these two departments and the problems this disconnect inevitably creates. I look forward to learning about this “Unified Business Model” by Oliver Lopez from Structsales. Will it finally help bridge the gap? We shall see...


    Creating an Agile, Data-Driven Marketing Culture

    Did you know that a recent survey by CMG Partners found that 63% of marketing leaders indicate agility as a high priority, while just 40% actually rate themselves as agile? I’ve worked in Agile environments, specifically for software development, so I am very interested in what former HubSpotter Ellie Mirman, who is now with Toast, will say about applying the developer-centric agile methodology to marketing.


    Earning Influence: Humility as a Multiplier of Growth

    In today’s social-centric world, influencing the influencers has never been more important. Individuals are turning to blogs, social media, peer opinions and product reviews to help them make purchasing decisions. We marketers need to learn how to embrace this new approach to the buying process if we want to be successful. I’m hoping that’s what this session by Laura Fitton of HubSpot will cover.


    Growth Hacking Your Content

    OK, I’ll admit it; I’m an aspiring growth hacker. While I’m certainly not into all aspects of growth hacking, I do love the idea of leveraging technology and communities to make the good content I create work harder and be as effective as it can possibly be. Who doesn’t?

    Anum Hussain of Sidekick by HubSpot is leading this session. I’m hoping to come away with tips and tricks I can use - and share - to make great content even more effective.


    Hacking Marketing: What Marketers Can Learn from Software Developers

    I have spent a good portion of my career as a tech marketer, so I’ve learned quite a bit from the software developers I’ve worked with throughout my career. Including the importance of thinking not just a few steps ahead, but focusing on final product. I’ve also learned the value of staying on top of new technology, as new products are introduced every day, many of which could make our marketer lives easier.

    What has Scott Brinker of ion interactive learned from developers that marketers should know? I’m not sure just yet, but I plan to find out in this session!

    What about you?

    Are you attending INBOUND 2015? What are you most excited about this year? And if you’re still undecided, consider registering now. Use the code SUMMERSIZ to save a whopping 25% on your registration!

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