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    8 Sources for Incredibly Interesting Social Media Content [SlideShare]

    Posted by Cameron Bartlett

    "Our business isn't interesting" isn't an excuse anymore!

    When we are consulting with clients on the type of content to share on their various social media channels, we often discuss creating a well-rounded social media strategy. We begin with how often to post on which channels. We break down the times of day and types of posts that work best for different audiences and different outlets. We explain why video works really well on some platforms but not so well on others. 

    Once our clients understand the breakdown of content and platform, we then dive into building an authentic voice for your brand using social media. We remind our clients that a critical component of creating a successful social media presence is more than just being present. You can't simply create a profile, sit back and watch the likes roll in. You have to be transparent, showcase who you are as a company, and do more than just sell, sell, sell. 

    The responses to these conversations are largely the same. "Sure, that all sounds great, but my business just isn't that interesting. I don't think I have anything that exciting to share on social media.

    We beg to differ. Any industry can be interesting if you tell your story the right way. Sometimes you just have to look at your seemingly mundane business through a different lens to realize that what seems boring to you is actually fascinating to your audience. 

    If Marcus Sheridan can build an online following by marketing swimming pools, then what are you worried about? 

    Over time, we have shared close to 100 different ideas for generating content for your social media accounts. Yet, we still find ourselves offering suggestions on what to post, when, and on which platforms. 

    So, since you keep asking, we'll keep sharing! We've put together a slide show of 8 readily-available sources you can use to generate incredibly interesting content for your social media channels.

    Easy Ideas for Social Media Posts [SlideShare]


    1. Behind-the-Scenes Info

    Fans of your business enjoy seeing how your business operates. By posting behind-the-scenes photographs on Facebook or Instagram, you can give your audience a glimpse into how you do what you do. If you are hosting a webinar for your clients, snap a photo of the speaker behind the microphone in the webinar studio. If you are exhibiting at a trade show, capture the booth being set up prior to the show. Your online fans will enjoy getting a peek into what makes your business run every day.

    2. Fill-in-the-Blank Questions

    Fill-in-the-blank questions are a great way to engage your audiences in conversation online. By giving a prompt and asking your fans to answer the question, you not only get people involved in your social network, you provide an opportunity to learn about your audiences. As a bonus, your fans get to learn about each other too, which serves to build community on- and offline. Consider asking a question like “If I could dream up my own app it would _____.”

    3. Life Humor

    Sometimes you just need to laugh. Sometimes, instead of posting facts about your business or sales opportunities, you just need to be human and provide a chance for your followers to laugh. Whether you tell a joke or make light of an awkward situation, showing that your brand has personality and a sense of humor will help connect you to your followers online. Just be careful that your jokes are not off-color or distasteful in any way, or you will end up alienating more fans that you gain.

    4. User-Generated Content

    Asking your online fans to submit their own content can go a long way to helping you generate posts, shares and images. Known as “user-generated content”, submissions from your fans help build your brand’s engagement and reputation. Ask users to submit a photograph using your product or interacting with your brand. Hold a contest for the best photo or start a hashtag to generate additional engagement.

    5. Industry Tips & Tricks

    While you don’t want to give away all of your trade secrets, you can share tips or tricks for using your product or mastering a skill in your industry. People are always looking for hacks to make their jobs or their lives easier. Offering insight that others may not know (or be willing to share) on social media is another great way to get users involved with your online fans.

    6. Inspiring Quotes

    Sometimes, we all need a little motivation. Finding words or phrases that inspire you and your team are likely to inspire your audiences as well. Share a famous quote, use the hashtag #MotivationMonday to share a little wisdom, or use a site like Canva to create your own beautiful frame-worthy quotes for your Instagram feed.

    7. Meet the Staff

    Is your brand relatable? Do your customers know who they are talking to on the other end of the phoen or email? Why not introduce your staff on your social channels? Snap a nice photo of your staff or leadership at work, include a quick bio of their role and favorite activities, and introduce the social media world to your team. It's a quick, easy and personable way to relate to your customers. 

    8. What's On Your Desk

    Much like the tips and tricks of the trade, your customers love to know how you as a business leader do what you do. So, show what's on your desk on a random Tuesday. Showcase the desks of your leadership team, your sales reps or your intern in a series to create multiple posts on the same topics. Ask your fans to snap a photo of what's on their desk in return to keep the conversation going. 

    So there you have it. Eight easy wins for engaging, interesting and entertaining content that any business can post on social media, no matter how boring you may think your business is.

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