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    Slideshare: 12 Sneaky SEO Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile Views

    Posted by Brittney Ervin

    Is Your LinkedIn Profile On Its A-Game?

    When it comes to making business connections via social media, LinkedIn is king: in the third quarter of 2014, it reported 332 million users. That's a lot of potential business connections and potential job candidates. With so many opportunities to make these valuable connections, it's important that your LinkedIn profile presents your best professional face to the world. 

    But how do you know if your LinkedIn profile is on its A-game, especially when it comes to SEO optimization? Optimizing your profile for search engines will help you get found by your most relevant connections, so it's easy to see why investing the time in optimizing your profile is such a beneficial step. Knowing how to complete that optimizing is a more tricky process.

    This is a topic we're passionate about; we've blogged about tips to boost your LinkedIn profile views on multiple occasions. This time, we decided to put some of those tips into an easy-to-digest slideshare; here's to an optimized, highly effective LinkedIn profile in 2015!


    How do you ensure that your LinkedIn profile gets seen by as many valuable connections as possible? Let us know in the comments section!

    Top Photo Credit: Jurgen Appelo


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