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    5 Pretty Awful Super Bowl Commercials from Recent Years

    Posted by Jennifer Kardell

    Companies Spend Millions of Dollars for Prime Ad Space During the Big Game. Are These Ads the Best Their Money Could Buy?

    Have you ever been to a movie that was so bad that you wanted to walk out of the theater, but stayed because you thought it’d get better? Well, that’s how we feel about some of the recent years’ Super Bowl commercials. We could’ve gone farther back in archives of commercials but some things are better left in the past.

    As fellow marketers, we celebrate creative advertising opportunities. But, it almost makes us hurt for these companies that their attempts were such flops. It almost hurts us to call them out on these failed attempts yet again, opening up old wounds. We apologize for that.

    Yes, we understand that not all commercials will make you experience “all the feels” as some would say, but we also understand that with the large marketing budgets companies are working with for these 30-second to one-minute slots that they could do a lot better as well.

    As bad as these commercials are, we hope your Sunday football game festivities are twice as good.

    5 Super Bowl Commercials That Don't Need to Air Again

    Tim Tebow “No Contract” – 2014

    Don’t quit your day job, Tim. Hopefully, for T-mobile’s sake, Tebow has “no contract” with them.

    Kia’s Morpheus Opera – 2014

    Does it matter what we do to forget this ad?

    GoDaddy’s Body Builders - 2014

    So you’re telling us that all it takes to achieve our dreams and goals is to set up a website? Might want to create a new website yourself, GoDaddy.

    Subway - 2013

    We commend Jared on his great weight loss, and we admit we do love a good sub. But, how is this different than any of their other commercials? We expected something more exciting for the Super Bowl, especially if you’re going to spend millions of dollars.

    Scarlett Johansson’s Soda Stream ad - 2014

    Maybe it’s the attempt of trying too hard? Or maybe it's the bad way of calling out its competitors at the end? Or maybe even the really bad lounge-style music being played? Whatever the reason, this ad is not one that Johansson should leave on her resume.

    Did your favorite “worst” commercial not make the list? Share some other commercials that you thought should have made our list.

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    Photo Credit: Alex E. Proimos via Wikimedia Commons

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