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    5 of Our All-Time Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

    Posted by Jennifer Kardell

    The List Was Long, But We Narrowed Down Our Favorite Ads From Sundays Past

    One of the biggest days of the year for Americans will soon be upon us. There will be a roar of thousands of fans, the smell of hot dogs, barbeque and beer, men and women alike donning their favorite teams jerseys and a time of gathering with friends and family. Yes, it’s Super Bowl time! (Also, a main cause why most Americans miss work on Monday. - It really does feel like it should be a holiday weekend.)

    On Sunday, February 1st, millions of people will gather in Phoenix, Arizona, or around their television sets for the big showdown between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. You don’t have to be a football fan to enjoy the Super Bowl Sunday festivities.Whether you watch because of the game, the cheerleaders, or to tune in to see Katy Perry provide the half-time entertainment, the environment of being with friends amongst heightened rivalries is fun in itself.

    Regardless of why you are tuning into the game one thing you can’t deny is that you love a good, memorable commercial. You know you can’t see what Budweiser has next after last year’s #BestBuds commercial– who doesn’t love a puppy and Clydesdale friendship?

    In honor of Sunday’s festivities, let’s take a look at some of the most memorable commercials.

    Our Top 5 Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

    Budweiser #BestBuds – 2014

    We can’t mention this one and not include it in our list! Just be prepared for all the feels to come rushing in, in under a minute. Say it with us…. “Awww!”.

    Apple MacIntosh – 1984

    1982 was a game-changing year, book and start to the now powerhouse company, Apple. The commercial was only shown one-time, ever.

    Mean Joe Green – 1979

    Coca-cola can make the bad guys good for a weekend…Wait, what? Well, we’ve heard there was a Taylor Swift lyric for about everything.

    Budweiser Clydesdale Football Match Up – 1996

    It seems as though Budweiser can do no wrong as long as they put a Clydesdale in their commercial. They’ve made our list twice, after all.

    Doritos – 2014

    Doritos won the Super Bowl last year with its user generated content.

    Which favorite Super Bowl ads did we leave off the list? Share the link to your favorite commercial in the comments below.

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    Photo by Commdander, US 7th Fleet via cc

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