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    Should You Pay for Social Media? [Infographic]

    Posted by Brittney Ervin

    Guest Post: The Relevance of Paid Social Media Ads

    You’ve created an account for your company on every social media platform you can think of. You hit the big ones first – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus, Vimeo, and Instagram, posting and tweeting photos of your brand, sharing special deal promos and even free offers. And maybe you’ve been successful, creating an organic following of thousands, maybe even millions of likes. You create accounts as fast as new sites turn up – Pinterest, Vine, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Outbrain, the list continues.

    Even though your following is a successful pool of self-selected followers, you want more. More than that, you’re not catching the audience you want. Perhaps you have middle-aged women buying a product meant for teenage girls. Or maybe Americans are re-tweeting a brand that was meant specifically for South American audiences. No matter how you cater your posts, you can’t seem to cast the right net to catch your intended audience. As it turns out, there’s a way to target specific audiences, and it’s not as hard as you may suspect: paid social media ads.

    Digital algorithms have become the default way for social media platforms – who are receiving millions of ads a day – to determine what goes where. (Think of a giant poker machine, except replace the randomness with a very calculated creator, who looks at what people want and need and then sends the money their way, and you’d a very general and oversimplified idea of how it all works). Businesses, companies and startups can now amplify their content more precisely, and with a specific audience in mind, more accurately than ever before, saving both clients and businesses time. All it takes is a few easy steps to get started, and you will soon have fishing lines in all the right pools.

    This infographic is a fast rundown of everything you need to know to get your business started in advertising via paid content:

    Social Media

    How do you feel about paid social media ads?

    Jennifer Landry is a web journalist based in Malibu, California. She specializes in articles about business management and the current social media landscape, which are inspired by her own small business experience.


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