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    11 Content Distribution Platforms To Bookmark Now

    Posted by Jessica Bowers Hopson

    How to Get The Right People Reading and Talking About Your Content 

    As inbound marketers, we all know that content is the driving force behind everything we do. Whether you are writing blog posts, creating infographics, tweeting, pinning or Instagramming, the content you create is only valuable if it gets consumed. 

    But unless you have hundreds or thousands of subscribers or followers on each of your channels, your great piece of content may fall on deaf ears. 

    Sure, you may have blog subscribers and Twitter followers. You may have maximized your website's SEO to ensure your site appears in search results. But relying on organic traffic alone may not be enough for your great piece of content to be seen, heard and read by your intended audience. 

    How Can Your Content Be Seen?

    That's where content distribution becomes a critical component of your content marketing strategy. 

    With the right outlets in place to share your content, you can get your information to the right audience. Focusing on getting your content in front of the right people can give your great content a longer shelf life and bring more value to your business and your readers. 

    But what are some of those outlets? We've compiled 13 content distribution resources that will help maximize the value of your content and get it seen by more people. 

    11 Content Distribution Resources:

    For Trending Topics:

    1. BuzzSumo This site aggregates popular articles by topic and allows you to search trending articles, infographics and hashtags, as well as find digital influencers. You can also set up content alerts to stay up-to-date on trending topics and articles generating buzz online. 
    2. Hashtags.org Want to create a popular hashtag to get your followers talking? Hashtags.org allows you to search trending topics by growth and find prolific users of a certain hashtag. Research a specific phrase related to your industry or topic or view a graph of popular hashtags by date, topic and users.
    3. SocialMention.com Similar to Hashtags.org, SocialMention.com allows you to find those digital influencers who are interested in the content you want to promote. Search by topic or medium to find the right people to pitch your content promotion opportunity to.

    For Finding the Right Influencers:

    1. Traackr Think of Traackr like your digital wing man, the person who introduces you to others you need to know. You can use this tool to find the right digital influencers who are already talking about the topics you are writing about. Discover and connect with social influencers who matter to you.
    2. PeerIndex When you want to pinpoint the right online influencers without wasting time, may we suggest PeerIndex. Because people are the driving force behind social media and social conversations online, PeerIndex is focused on connecting you with the right people who are already active online.  
    3. Triberr For a free platform to share your content with other bloggers, try this tool aimed at bringing together a community of content-sharers. Search by category to find bloggers you want to work with; you only pay for the influencers who end up running your campaign.
    4. Izea Not to be confused with a popular Swedish discount furniture giant, Izea is a marketplace for sponsored content, connecting social media influencers and content creators with big brands from around the web. Creators get paid to blog, tweet and post about certain topics, while brands benefit from engaging with these activists. A great ideal if you're looking for more people to talk openly about your products or business.
    5. Little Bird A favorite tool here at IMA, Little Bird is a great platform to use when you need to research trending topics or competitive threats and the people who are talking about these things. Although this is a subscription service, Little Bird helps you better identify credible influencers while saving time on research. 

    For Distributing Content:

    1. OneSpot Using native ads and retargeting strategies, OneSpot is a single platform for both advertising and distribution. Whether you aim to increase brand awareness, promote a product, engage with your audiences or just share information, OneSpot allows you to promote your content all from one place. 
    2. Contently When you want to connect with the right individuals on the right subject matter, turn to Contently. A leader in content distribution, Contently is a platform for creating, distributing and optimizing your content. Through paid distribution channels, you can get your content in front of journalists and bloggers who are part of site's broad network. 
    3. Your Social Media Channels Sure, you are probably already on Twitter and Facebook. And likely you have a Google+ account also. But what other social media platforms are you using to promote your content? Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and even SnapChat are gaining popularity as great resources to share content. Just make sure to adapt each piece of content to best fit the platform. 

    What are some of your favorite resources for sharing content online? Let us know in the comments below. 


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