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    The Life of a Social Media Manager: As Told By Britney Spears

    Posted by Jennifer Kardell

    What Does a Social Media Manager Do All Day? Britney Helps Explain.

    1. That moment when you gain a new follower or “like”:

    Gain a New Follower Britney Spears Gif


    2. When a coworker says that a certain piece of content needs to be posted:

    Posting New Content Britney Spears Gif


    3. When a post has better engagement than you thought:

    Engaging Content Britney Spears Gif


    4. When you forget to post at a certain time and your boss asks you why it’s not there: 

    Boss Misses Content Britney Spears Gif


    5. That moment when your friends and family ask you what you do for a living and say, “So, you basically play on Facebook all day?”:

    Play on Facebook Britney Spears Gif


    6. When you work really hard on a post and it gets little to no engagement:

    Where are followers Britney Spears Gif


    7. That moment that Twitter or Facebook is down and you can’t do your job:

    Social Media is Down Britney Spears Gif


    8. When you're trying to research a topic and the blog doesn’t give you the answer you need or want:

    Social Media Research Britney Spears Gif


    9. When you accidentally post something too early or from the wrong account:

    Post Too Early Britney Spears Gif


    10. Every morning when you turn on your computer to work: 

    Focus at Work Britney Spears Gif


    11. When someone asks how you like your job:

    I love my job Britney Spears Gif


    12. How you feel when you talk to other social media managers who understand your job: 

    Social Media Managers Collaborate Britney Spears Gif


    13. When someone says social media is pointless:

    Is Social Media Pointless Britney Spears Gif


    14. When your friends say they should have your job because they’re on social media all the time:

    Friends Want Your Job Britney Spears Gif


    15. How you feel when you think of how you need to update your own social media channels:

    Update Your Social Media Profiles Britney Spears Gif


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