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    5 Marketing Tech Gadgets Use in 2015

    Posted by Jessica Bowers Hopson

    A Marketer's Most Wanted Tech Toys for 2015

    A curious thing happened to me this week. I saw children sitting on Santa’s lap at the Home Depot. Now, when I was a child, I remember Mom and Dad taking us to see the singing Santa at the mall or at school or at the country club. But I don’t ever remember going to see Santa at the home improvement store.

    I think those wishes were more for the parents than the children. But it was an ingenious way to get children to behave while their parents combed the aisles of plywood and paint!

    While I watched these parents try to incentivize their children to behave while at the same time dreaming of the grown-up tools and toys they would like to see under the tree next week, it got me thinking about my own wish list. That is, the tools, toys and tech gadgets on my marketing wish list.

    Whether it will help me do my job better or just add a little excitement to my day, these tech toys are topping my Christmas wish list at work this year. I share that list with you today, in case you happen to run into Santa at Best Buy or the Apple store.

    Just make sure you’re on the nice list this year!

    6 Tech Toys on My Christmas Wish List

    1. Poloroid SocialMatic Camera

    Poloroid SocialMatic Camera

    I love Instagram. So do most of my friends. I’ve come to count on them to document our outings together. But, I also love having the physical picture in hand to remember those adventures. That’s where the SocialMatic comes in. The 14-megapixel, wifi-and-bluetooth-enabled camera snaps and prints Instagrams, Poloroid-style. Plus, the accessories are adorable, with cases designed to look like the old-fashioned camera. Camera plus photo paper starts at $300. Available at Photojojo.

    2. Livescribe Echo Smartpen

    livescribe echo smart pen

    I’m a note-taker. An old-fashioned pen-and-paper type of note taker. But sometimes, even my nimble fingers can keep up with what’s going on around me. That’s why I’d love to have the Livescribe Echo Smartpen, that not only writes on paper but records audio during a meeting. Both can be downloaded to the desktop app post-meeting to be sorted, searched and organized. Pens start at $120 online.

    3. WOWee One Slim Portable Speaker

    Wowee BLACK SLIM speaker

    Unfortunately, my pre-2010 vehicle did not come fully loaded with built in navigation and satellite radio. Which is normally fine—I love local radio. But when I go on car trips, I like to be able to listen to my iTunes without the accompaniment of static. If I had the WOWee One Slim portable speaker that hooks up to iPhone, iPad, smart phones, MP3s and more, I could manage long car trips with all my tunes flowing from this device. The battery lasts 10 hours and can be recharged through a USB cable. Available for $35 on Amazon.

    4. iPad Air 2

    ipad air 2

    I can’t say anything about this device that hasn’t already been said. The iPad is known to be powerful, light, bright, and sophisticated. I have resisted the urge to get a tablet for a long time, but the power of advertising may be winning me over. For a lightweight, on-the-go solution that could hold all of my music and books and my  personal and professional apps, it seems like the iPad is answer. Starting at $500 at Apple retailers.

    5. Mophie Space Pack

    mophie space pack

    My iPhone battery hasn’t hit that dreaded level of never being able to keep a charge just yet. But the more on-the-go I seem to get, the more assurance I need that my phone won’t die on me. That’s why I think the Mophie Space Pack is a really cool toy. (And much less cumbersome than the portable chargers, which still require that you have your USB cord.) The updated version of Mophie is slim, lightweight and powerful—you can add battery life and storage space to your phone with one phone case! Available for $149 online

    While there are tons of tech gadgets and smartphone apps out there to make your job easier and make you a smarter human, these are my favorite five for 2015. 

    What are some of your favorite tech gadgets on your Christmas wish list this year?


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