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    8 (More) Awesome Online Resources for Free Images

    Posted by Brittney Ervin

    Free, Licensed Images Online

    content creationContent marketers and bloggers know how important it is to include visual aids in their content; they know their viewers respond highly to photos and videos, as the brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than it processes words. Images are vital to attracting a viewer and engaging them deeply enough that they stay on your page to read the accompanying content.

    So we know that it’s important to include photos in our online marketing content, and we know the photos need to be high-quality and engaging for our viewers. Unfortunately, there is the pesky problem of finding free, licensed photos that we won’t get in trouble for using in our content.

    That’s why it’s important to have resources that offer free, licensed images that you can use, either with attribution or without, in your content. It’s very important to remain within the legal boundaries of a photo’s copyright laws, or you risk being served a cease and desist letter from the photograph’s owners or even sued.

    We already have a list of 11 great resources to use for free, licensed images but because this is such an important part of producing content, we’ve decided to create another list of even more resources. With so many avenues to travel when looking for great, free, licensed images, you should be able to produce content that says what you need it to say and engages your readers, all while staying within the confines of legality and copyright laws. Without further ado, here are an additional 8 resources to find free, licensed images to use in your content.

    1. Morguefile

    inbound marketingOne great thing about Morguefile is you don’t have to sign up for anything to start downloading, cutting out a lot of the time-consuming processes presented by other sights. The photos are high-quality, and you can search for a topic or theme quickly and easily. Attribution is not required, so the process of acquiring and using the photos is essentially painless.

    2. Photopin

    inbound marketingPhotopin is another great source for free photos that you can acquire without signing up for anything. They also generally offer several different sizes for each photograph on the site, ensuring that you find the photo that suits your format and needs best. You will need, however, to attach accreditation to the photos you use; you can acquire the accreditation by simply copying and pasting the html code they attach in the download box.

    3. Dreamstime

    inbound marketingDreamstime offers a variety of photo types, from free stock photos to photos and videos you can acquire for a nominal fee. You will have to create a free account through the website before you can start downloading, but there are new photos and videos added each day so you’ll get continuous usage out of your account.

    4. Stock Photos for Free

    content creationThis site offers over 100,000 photos in a range of themes and settings in a royalty-free format; you will have to sign up on the website to start browsing and downloading, but the process is relatively easy. The website also offers access to icons, graphics, vectors and more, so you can browse the site for more than just photos.

    5. Free Images

    content creationThis website offers a huge selection of photos, upwards of 350,000, but you will have to through a lengthier sign up process to get access to the selection. The sheer selection is worth the effort, but for those of you looking for a quick grab and go, other sites might be more to your taste.

    6. Big Foto

    content creationThis website is made up of photographs contributed mostly by amateur photographers who are delighted for anyone to use their work, free of charge. The majority of the photographs on Big Foto deal in geographic location and the natural world, providing tons of free images for those of you who deal in content about particular cities or places on the map.

    7. Free Range Stock

    content creationHigh-quality, high-resolution free stock photos and textures are available to you via Free Range Stock, but you will have to endure a lengthy sign-up process to get access. Membership is free, and the selection isn’t as outstanding as some of the other options, but it does offer variety and strengthen your arsenal of options for great photos for your content.

    8. Little Visuals

    content creationThis method of getting free photos is a little unconventional, but works magnificently for many people. All you do is sign up, and Little Visuals will send you a neat little folder of seven high-resolution images once per week. You can use the images any way you want, for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Of course, if they send you a packet of photos you can’t use, you’ll be stuck searching for alternatives. But having a group of photos available at any time, photos that you know are royalty-free and good quality, can be the easiest way for many busy content creators.

    Now that you’ve read this list, we hope you feel far more confident when finding photos to use in your content; after all, finding the perfect photograph or photographs can take your content to a different level, one that resonates and engages your audience in a more complete way. Happy photo hunting!

    Get free marketing updatesphoto credit: Jonathan Kos-Read via photopin cc