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    9 Marketing Blogs To Subscribe To Now

    Posted by Jessica Bowers Hopson

    A Content Manager's Recommended Reading for Honing Your Marketing Skills

    Content marketing is truly ruling the internet right now. With so many tweets, posts and blogs to read, it can become overwhelming to determine which types of content to spend your time reading and sharing.

    As a content marketer, it's crucial to not only create content but to absorb as much of it as possible to always be learning, growing and adapting to the changing rules of the digital marketing industry.

    Just today, a new writer friend asked me for some recommended reading to help her learn more about marketing. She's a talented writer but is new to the nuances of digital marketing. In compiling a list of blogs to share with her, I realized, "I shouldn't keep this information to myself; I should be sharing these blogs with everyone!"

    So, I have compiled a list of my top favorite resources for marketing data, information and anecdotes. All of these either appear in my inbox daily via email subscription or are valuable enough to me that I actually navigate to the site to read the day's entry. (Yes, this is every marketer's dream. You're welcome!)

    Some are focused on tactics, some generate creative thought, and some just keep me in the know about the goings-on of the world. Feel free to read, subscribe and share these with your colleagues as well.

    9 Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2015:

    Blogs for Marketing Tactics

    1. The Daily Relevance Focused on content distribution and promotion, this blog from Relevance offers topics I'm actually already thinking about (Are they inside my brain?) and addresses concerns I have on a daily basis. A recent favorite? 5 Creative Ways Inbound Marketers Can Explain Their Profession to Mom at Thanksgiving. Tell me you didn't mull that over for several days before Turkey Day.

    2. Shift Happens This cleverly-titled blog from Shift Communications provides a bold blog focused on marketing and PR tips suitable for those working in an agency setting. Or the Harry Potterfans among us.

    3. LinkedIn Pulse Combining a Netflix-style algorithm (it presents options based on other articles you've read) in a Pinterest-style format (it's easy to scroll through and read), LinkedIn Pulse allows you to gain knowledge in topics relevant to your work, hobbies or areas of growth written by executives, experts and thought leaders.

    4. MarketingProfs Today The blog, from industry-leading MarketingProfs, features topics broken down by all categories of marketing, including advertising, email, strategy, metrics, social, and so on. MarketingProfs offers courses and seminars, but many of their blogs are so useful that you can learn a great deal without even registering.

    5. HubSpot Marketing Full disclosure: Inbound Marketing Agents is a HubSpot Platinum Partner. But, no one at HubSpot is paying me for this endorsement. I just happen to find their marketing blog valuable enough to share in my own list. From tactical information on using HubSpot's tools to answering burning questions like How to Use Stock Photos Without Looking Lame.The HubSpot blogging team is creative, knowledgable and a little bit sarcastic.

    Blogs for Creative Inspiration

    6. Canva Design School Free design site Canva allows users to create images and graphics for blogs, social media and presentations. Weekly tutorials use gamification to teach users how to use certain features and components of the site. The examples get my creative juices flowing when the job demands I do a little designing.

    7. Brit+Co This creative DIY site provides colorful and creative techniques for hacking all sorts of decorating ideas, as well as the latest 3D printable, foolproof recipes and apps you simply must download now. Scrolling through the Brit+Co app on my phone every night helps me unwind and think creatively about home decorating projects or tomorrow night's dinner. All of which help me be a little more creative at work. Plus, it's an awesome woman-run business and a great branding case study.

    Blogs for Cocktail Party Chatter

    8. The Skimm More newsletter than blog, this daily digest of news has changed my life. I watch morning news and listen to NPR on my commute, but reading The Skimm every morning puts that news into a perspective I can actually relate to. Their special variety of cheekiness is best served over your second cup of morning coffee.

    9. My Local Business Journal For a more professional version of the news, I read my city's Business Journal newsletter every afternoon. It tells me about what's happening in local business, who the important players are and what is up with all the construction in town. I think everyone in business should have an understanding of his or her local business community. And The Business Journals offers publications in most major cities in the U.S.

    Which blogs are on your daily must-read list? I'd love to find new blogs to add to my library, so please share in the comments below.

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