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    Saying Thank You: Tips for Showing Gratitude to Customers and Clients

    Posted by Brittney Ervin

    It’s Thanksgiving; Have You Thanked Your Customers Yet?

    The holiday season is upon us, prompting many business owners to find new and creative ways to show their gratitude to their customers and clients. After all, your clients are the lifeblood of your business; without them, you certainly wouldn’t be where you are in your industry.

    Similarly, customers in today’s world place more importance than ever on a personal connection with the brands they support; making your customers feel appreciated for their business is an important step in maintaining that personal connection and creating a customer-centric culture around your brand. After all, when a brand makes a customer feel special, that customer often establishes a deeper, more enduring loyalty to the brand.

    With these facts in mind, we’ve listed a few easy ways for you to show your sincere gratitude to your customers this holiday season...without going overboard.

    A Special Discount

    Penning a “Thank You” email and offering your customers a special discount is among the easiest and most time-efficient ways to communicate your gratitude this holiday season.

    The simplicity of this “thank you” is all many customers will need to feel sufficiently valued and happy to continue their business with you.

    Customer Spotlight

    Choose one outstanding customer to highlight on your website and social media outlets. Show your customer base that your company pays attention to the way its customers invest their time and money in your company and that they are highly valued for their contributions. If you want, you can even provide this outstanding customer with a special discount, opportunity or gift as further thanks for their support.

    It’s all about showing gratitude and being sincere; instead of highlighting all your company has accomplished in the past year, highlight the people who made those accomplishments possible.

    Provide Them with an Opportunity to Learn

    Offer your customers exclusive access to a new whitepaper, eBook or blog article. Create a special piece of content for the occasion that you send only to your top customers and clients, and include a short, succinct paragraph on how much you appreciate their continued business.

    Take this opportunity to create something amazing, something that will be valuable and relevant to your best customers and clients. Offering them exclusive access to amazing content will only reinforce their loyalty to your brand and your company.

    Hold an Exclusive Event

    Invite your customers to a casual special event so you can say “thank you” in person. Providing your customers with space to mingle with one another and meet your staff encourages a deep familiarity with your brand and creates an aura of approachability around your company.

    If you want, you can organize a short presentation, provide entertainment or host a give-away. Whichever gesture you select, remember that your clients are the guests of honor and that showing your gratitude is the centerpiece of the evening.

    A Good Old-Fashioned Note

    Sincerity is the most important element of your thank-yous to your customers; a boilerplate email doesn’t hold a candle to the sincerity of a handwritten note or card, so for your most important customers and clients, it’s beneficial to go the extra mile.

    A “Thank You” note is the perfect gesture for showing sincere gratitude to your customers and clients; it combines their desire for a personal connection with your brand with the rarity of handwritten communication. An old-fashioned “Thank You” note, either hand-delivered or sent through the mail, should communicate your gratitude for your customers’ support through the past year, wish good tidings for the holiday season, and express your hope for their continued support in the coming year.

    Pen the notes on stationery with your company’s embossed logo, and always, always, sign your signature yourself.

    Keep it short, sweet, and sincere, and your clients will be impressed.

    Make a Video

    An effective “thank you” to your customers doesn’t have to cost a thing, other than your time. That’s why creating a short, sincere video of yourself and your employees thanking your customers is so effective. It’s easy, it’s quick, and it shows that you care enough about the “thank you” to invest your own time and energy.

    Whether you post the video to your website, upload it to your social media accounts or both, a short video that’s easy to watch is far more effective than, say, a long, drawn-out blog post or tweet sent from the company account. It shows an invested effort and allows you to get on a personal level with your customers.

    At the end of the day, your customers are among the most important parts of your company’s success. Their support, referrals and positive reviews help boost your business and your brand, and help you achieve your goals. Take a moment to thank them this holiday season, no matter how elaborate or how simple the effort. Never underestimate the power of a “thank you.”

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