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    9 Marketing & Business SlideShares to Watch Today

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Learn Tactics and Strategies To Grow Your Business Through These Online Presentations 

    What do sports carswearable technology and e-finance have in common? You can learn about all of these topics on SlideShare.

    SlideShare is a great resource for finding information on a wide range of topics through easy-to-digest presentations. Whether you are looking to follow up on a conference session you attended, view some beautiful images of artwork or learn about a new interesting subject, SlideShare is a valuable repository of data. The fact that you can easily share presentations via social channels makes it a great medium for content managers to use to distribute content also. 

    With more than 15 million SlideShares uploaded, it would be impossible to keep up with all the latest information shared daily. Instead, we have rounded up some of our favorite marketing and business-related presentations posted recently to help keep you up to speed in some of the latest industry trends being shared visually today.

    9 Marketing SlideShares to Watch Today

    Here are some of IMA's favorite SlideShares from marketing and business pros:

    20 Small Business Marketing Tactics: Free, or Low Cost, Marketing Tactics For Small Businesses

    There are plenty of ways to market your small business without spending a fortune. Ryan Camlin offers 20 ideas, such as establishing a web presence, optimizing your site for mobile browsing, cross promoting with other businesses and more, that you can use to jumpstart your free marketing efforts. 

    20 small-business-marketing-tips from Ryan Camlin

    Eight Key Steps to Small Business Success

    Small businesses are often forced to think outside of the box in order to get a leg up on the competition at a low expense. Christine Woodward outlines eight critical tactics for small businesses to implement in order to have success with low-cost marketing. Some tactics to consider include defining your goals, target, and messages, presenting a strong visual image, and direct marketing, among other things. 

    Key Steps To Small Business Marketing Success from chrishenry12

    Get Scrappier (Small) Business Marketing Revisited 

    Why does marketing matter? Michelle Fitzgerald answers this question in depth, while also giving tips to small businesses in terms of bolstering their marketing campaigns to create more successful campaigns. In her SlideShare, she mentions the need for simple campaigns, and recommends boosting online marketing as well as cutting back on offline advertising, among other things.

    Get Scrappier: Big Tips for (Small) Business Marketers from Michelle Fitzgerald

    Effective Ideas for Business Marketing

    Without marketing your business, you’re missing a vital opportunity to communicate with current customers and expand to new customers. Poulami Ghosh outlines some effective marketing ideas that he recommends using to try to grow your brand. He mentions the use of daily newsletters to keep customers informed with what is going on within your organization and blog posts to bolster your expertise and skill within the industry, among several other ideas. 

    Effective ideas for business marketing from Poulami Ghosh

    SlideShare for Business Marketing

    Why should you use SlideShare to market your business? Alycia Wicker outlines the benefits that SlideShare can have have as a business to business platform, highlighting the fact that SlideShare gets 120 million site visits monthly. She goes on to add that SlideShare allows you to prove your expertise and attract web traffic by enticing readers, among other points she makes.

    Slideshare for Business Marketing from Alycia Wicker

    Internet Business – Marketing is the Key

    Good marketing can sell anything. So says Ben Soloman, who continues on that point, saying good marketing can sell anything, good marketing of a great product will create a following. He outlines some major skills that one should hone in on to create a larger following, including copywrite, email marketing, and content management.

    Internet Business - Marketing Is The Key from Ben Solomon

    Business to Business Marketing

    Business to business marketing has emerged into a major factor in the marketing world today. As outlined in Gia Tri Tien’s SlideShare, B2B marketing is the marketing of products or services to companies, government bodies, institutions, or other organizations that use them to produce their own products or services or sell them to other B2B customers.

    Business to-business-marketing from Gia Tri Tien

    The Best Local Business Marketing Advice, Straight From the Experts

    There are few better resources one has than speaking to experts for advice and that is exactly what Grasshopper did, speaking to eight experts in the marketing industry. To touch on a few of the points outlined in the SlideShare, two things that stood out are that great service is not just dependent on execution, it is also dependent on perception, the way you communicate with the customer. Another recommendation was to get your company listed in yelp and directories, keep reading to hear what else the experts recommend.

    The Best Local Business Marketing Advice, Straight From The Experts from Grasshopper

    Social Business Marketing, Establishing Social Media as an Effective B2B Tool

    Social Media is an incredible free resource at your disposal to market to the world. The social media platforms that you should be paying extra attention to are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as these are the platforms that marketers have the most success with regards to conversion. Mohit Pachauri maps all of this out, going on to say social media creates awareness, encourages social sharing, and gives viewers a sense of trust, while also increasing conversion rates by a substantial amount compared to other marketing techniques.

    Social Business Marketing - INFOGRAPHIC from Mohit Pachauri

    Now that you've viewed a few of our favorite SlideShares, tell us if we've left any out. Which SlideShare topic is your favorite? Share in the comments below.


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    Special thanks to Intern David for his assistance in curating these SlideShares!


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