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    7 Business Blogs You Should Have Been Following Yesterday

    Posted by Brittney Ervin

    If You Don’t Follow These Stellar Blogs, You’re Missing Out

    The rise of blogging in the age of technology has made it possible for small and medium-sized businesses to connect with their audiences, offer useful information, and build relationships with customers; blogging offers companies a way to find their target audiences, appeal to them and create content that is dynamic and interesting. In short, business blogging is a highly beneficial move for companies looking to establish a great foundation with their potential customers.

    Similarly, there is much to be gained from reading a great business blog. You can learn about trends in the industry, keep abreast of business-related news and changes, and make connections with your fellow industry leaders.

    Knowledge is power, especially in our fast-moving, technological world. That’s why it’s important to read, study and stay current with the topics and movements that affect you and your business.

    Finding the business blogs that are most relevant to you, however, can be a challenge. There are just so many to choose from, and finding the time to read them all is next to impossible.

    To help you narrow down your options, we’ve created a list of what we consider the absolute best business blogs out there. From information on marketing trends to advice on management styles, succeeding at social media and more, these blogs can be your guide to a better business life.

    HubSpot Blog

    business blogging

    HubSpot is a Boston-based, inbound marketing software platform that helps companies streamline multiple facets of their marketing efforts, from SEO to social media to blogging and more. Their own blog, unsurprisingly, is remarkable, with topics that range from the history of diamond advertising to how to get better results from your blog posts.

    The content is also steady; you can expect multiple blogs a day from the site, ensuring that you always have something fresh and interesting to read, no matter your interests.



    With a tagline like “Your Best Source for Knowledge,” Quora has a bit to live up to in its delivery. We’re happy to report that it is, indeed, a great source for knowledge, especially for the business-minded person who is trying to make more room in his or her schedule for research and learning within their industry. You can create your own community of users, create questions, answer other questions and edit other users’ responses. You can also read content that’s been posted within your community, and post content for other members to read.

    Harvard Business Review Blog

    business blogging

    Harvard is synonymous with producing the best and brightest, so it’s no surprise that their business review blog is a gold mine of information for the business-minded. From strategies for integrating new techniques in your sales process to “Why Your Team Needs Rookies,” the HBR Blog has content upon content to keep you informed. And don’t think you’ll be waiting a week to get a new blog, either; they offer multiple new blogs a day, throughout the day, meaning there’s always something fresh to get into.

    Richard Branson, Virgin.com

    business blogging

    One of the world’s most successful business men shares advice on all things business, like creating a more productive workplace, “Encouraging Enterprising Youths,” and the issue of climate change. Branson has managed to create a highly relatable voice in his blog posts, while choosing topics that appeal to a broad range of business-minded people. The blog produces two blogs a day, on average, so there’s plenty of content to keep you occupied and plenty of fresh content being rolled out each day.

    Buffer Social Blog

    business blogging


    If you’re a business owner who finds yourself constantly befuddled by the changing landscape of social media, Buffer Social has the blog for you. They post on things like boosting your social media marketing power, creating and managing the perfect Facebook page and measuring your social media campaigns. You can expect posts every day, and they have an impressive backlog of content to keep you reading for a while.


    business blogging

    Entrepreneur.com is another website that offers outstanding content on a regular basis. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur yourself, you’ll find kindred spirits in the writers who produce content for the site, covering a range of topics, including financial issues facing startups, inspiring quotes from leaders like Gandhi, and increasing your productivity. They even have estimated reading times at the bottom of articles so you can narrow down your reading list according to the amount of time you have on hand. Do they know entrepreneurs or what?

    Pando Daily

    business blogging

    Rounding out our list is the technology-centered, oddball-friendly blog at Pando Daily, which offers techies and technology business folks all kinds of food for thought. Articles like “Pew report: are American consumers really that dumb?” and “Abandonment Issues: Rovio announces layoffs after revealing drop-off in Angry Birds Players” populate the front page. Their content stream is constantly updated, so bookmarking is a must, especially if you’re interested in topics from the technology side of business.

    We hope you’ve found a nugget on this list to add to your daily (or weekly) reading. After all, it’s never too late to dive into the amazing world of business blogs, to help keep yourself informed and your perspective fresh.  

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