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    You Want Me To Put That Keyword...Where?

    Posted by Zak Becker

    A 5-Fingered Approach to Your SEO Strategy

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continues to dominate the conversation in digital circles. It's one thing to have a website floating out in cyberspace, but it's another thing entirely to have a website that can be found by your customers. 

    With so very many websites out there, how do you ensure that your website appears in the list of options when your customers search for your product or service? 

    That's where SEO fits in. By identifying which words or phrases your target audience is using when they search and placing those keywords in the right place on your site, you can improve the likelihood that your site will be found by the right people (your potential customers). 

    Where Do My Keywords Go?

    You may have seen the infographic we posted recently, demonstrating what we call "The Five Fingers of SEO." If you read it, great. Thank you! 

    If you perused our infographic or attended our recent Meetup in Nashville, you already know that you should focus your keywords on the following areas:

    1. Page Title
    2. URL
    3. H1
    4. Image File Name
    5. Image Alt Text

    If you missed these previous presentations or crave even more visual representation of exactly where to put those keywords on your page, have no fear! We're diving into the five-part keyword strategy a little more deeply with this SlideShare.

    In this presentation, we'll focus on the five aforementioned areas, as well as explain the importance of using keywords in the body of your content. 

    If you crave even more examples or discussion about your on-page SEO, we're here to help.

    The 5 Fingers of SEO: An Easy Keyword Placement Strategy in Fewer Than 50 Slides

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