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    Headed to INBOUND 2014? Download These Apps Before You Go

    Posted by Jessica Bowers Hopson

    Apps to Help You Make the Most of HubSpot's Annual Conference

    INBOUND 2014 in Boston Sept 2014Next week, 7,500 individuals will converge on the city of Boston for one of the biggest conferences in the digital marketing world.

    HubSpot's INBOUND 2014 will provide HubSpot users and marketing professionals with 170 educational sessions, idea-sharing, networking, and fun. From trainings to sponsor showcases to an Inbound Rocks concert, attendees will have the chance to learn all the latest inbound marketing trends, share best practices and meet one-on-one with session presenters.

    With record crowds expected, INBOUND 2014 is sure to be chocked full of education and entertainment.

    With so much on the agenda, it may be easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information presented. You'll need the right tools to keep your notes and contacts organized so you can easily implement your new ideas as soon as you get back to the office.

    Don't lug your bulky laptop around; conduct your business from the palm of your hand. If you're headed to Boston next week for INBOUND 2014, make sure your smartphone or tablet is loaded with these helpful apps before you leave:

    App for Navigating the Conference

    Before you head to the airport, head to your phone’s store and download the official INBOUND 2014 app.

    INBOUND 2014

    Designed to provide everything you need for the conference, the official conference app allows you to create a customized schedule (handy for keeping track of those 170+ sessions!), send messages to other attendees, navigate the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center and keep updated on sessions and speakers. This app brings everything INBOUND right to your fingertips.

    Platform: iOS and Android

    Price: Free

    Apps for Taking Notes

    Each session will be jam-packed with information. Everything from social media to software integrations will be covered over the next few days. Keep track of your notes and ideas with these apps that sync with your desktop, so you can access all your newfound knowledge once you return to the office.


    For capturing notes, photos, sound and lists, Evernote is a great tool. The fact that it syncs all your devices in real time makes it even better for on-the-go note-taking. What you add from your phone or tablet will be there when you return to your desktop. While on site at INBOUND, insert photos, videos and more directly into your note and organize your thoughts into individual notebooks for efficient education.

    Platform: iOS and Android

    Price: Free or up to $10/month for business accounts

    MS OneNote

    OneNote is great for real-time note-takingBuilt on the Microsoft Office platform, OneNote has become much more robust with its versions for Mac or Windows. Like EverNote, OneNote allows you to take and store notes on any platform then access your notebooks later. Can’t type as fast as the session speaker is talking? Use a pen or stylus on your tablet to create handwritten notes that sync with your notebooks. Create tags and search through your notebooks later to access your notes by session, topic or day.

    Platform: iOS and Android

    Price: Free

    Apps for Managing Contacts

    With over 7,500 expected attendees, odds are high that you’ll meet and network with tons of people at INBOUND 2014. Digitize the process with these contact apps.


    BizzCard lets you email business cards to new contactsOf course you won’t want to lug around all your business cards, but you don’t want to be caught without a way to connect with those you do meet onsite. That’s where BizzCard comes in handy! This minimalist, modern platform lets you create your own business card (or import your own) then swipe to share with contacts you meet. The other person doesn’t need the app in order to share the card. They will receive your info via email, and you’ll receive a bcc copy so you can follow up when you’re back in the office.

    Platform: iOS (optimized for iOS 7)

    Price: Free


    If you meet someone at a session or a dinner and want to, say, follow them on Twitter, you often have to search for their name later or find their Twitter handle in an email signature. With FriendThem, you can search for users located around you (perfect for crowded conference session rooms!) and find Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms. In just one click, you can connect online with your new conference friends instead of waiting until you return home.

    Platform: iOS and Android

    Price: Free

    Apps for Exploring Boston

    If you have some downtime away from the conference, or if you are extending your stay in Beantown, you’ll want to explore Boston. Find your way around with these helpful tourism apps.


    OpenMBTA gives you Boston transit info in real timeUnless you are staying within walking distance of the conference, you’ll likely need to use public transportation during your trip. To help you navigate Boston’s network of transit systems, including busses, commuter rails, subways and boats, OpenMBTA uses color-coded maps and easy-to-read tables. You can receive real-time schedules and notifications to make sure you arrive on time to the conference opening session or to your post-event dinner reservation.

    Platform: iOS and Android

    Price: Free


    Boston City Travel Guide

    Powered by GuidePal, this app displays things to do, places to eat and tours to take in a pretty, easy-to-digest format. Compiling some of the best information from Bostonites and professional travel writers, this app lets you feel like a local while you’re traveling.

    Platform: iOS, Android and Windows

    Price: Free

    NFT Boston

    Not For Tourists offers city guides for visitors who want to bypass the crowded main attractions and hang out with the hometown folks. The iPhone app allows you to search by neighborhood, amenity, landmark and more. Although no Android app is available, the site does offer a mobile-friendly version.

    Platform: iOS

    Price: $1.99

    What are you most looking forward to at INBOUND 2014?

    Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to share pics and tweets from your favorite moments with us. Follow us on Facebook or on Twitter and Instagram.


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