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    Is Your Website Attracting the Right Customers?

    Posted by Jessica Bowers Hopson

    Join Us for a Nashville SEO Analysis Event on Wed., Sept. 10

    Who doesn’t want their business website to rank at the top of search engines? Who doesn’t want their website optimized so that it will get great exposure to potential customers? The more traffic you receive on your website usually leads to more traffic in your door too.

    There are no Search Engine Optimization (SEO) schools, however. And since Google and other search engines don’t publish nice and neat checklists of what to do to make your website SEO-friendly, how are you supposed to know how to rank higher?

    Can You Outsmart Google?

    Google’s algorithm is highly proprietary and kept under lock and key; there are only hints here and there that you can obtain from following Google’s blog posts and news from SEO leaders around the world. Last year, it is estimated that Google made over 500 changes to its algorithm. Most are never even mentioned!

    It comes as no surprise, then, that Search Engine Optimization conjures up fear and mystery. With so many changes and so much unsaid, how can you as a business owner get your site to rank higher in Google?

    The short answer? There’s no absolute way to get there.

    Ask for SEO Help

    However, partnering with a group of professionals who study search engines on a daily basis and work with you to strengthen your site’s SEO is a good step to get you started. These companies can evaluate what is working on your site and what isn’t and help you modify your on-page elements to increase the likelihood of appearing high in search rankings.

    Companies that are HubSpot partner agencies can help make sure your various website assets, including landing pages and blog posts, are optimized for search engine results. By providing analytics on page performance and keyword rankings, you can make sure your website is working for you not against you.

    Factors that are evaluated for SEO include:

    • Page Meta Descriptions 
    • Page Title, Length and Uniqueness 
    • Calls-to-Action
    • H1 Tags
    • Image Alt Text
    • Internal Links
    • Page Load Times

    All of these components combine to impact your site’s SEO. Choose a company that can provide the right tools and guidance to maximize your performance.

    Avoid Black Hat Strategies

    Unfortunately, there are plenty of companies out there that try to game the system and make improvements to show you how to achieve short-term results.

    Such strategies include:

    • Creating link farms of interconnected links that provide little value 
    • Stuffing your content with too many keywords 
    • Using too many H1 tags

    The problem with this is that while you may see some positive results right away, you’ll eventually get penalized by the search engines for duplicitous activity and may not appear even in the top 100 results, if you still appear in search engines at all. In the digital world, this is known as black hat SEO, and you want to stay away from this as much as possible.

    You need to find a reputable white hat company that employs the right SEO techniques to help make your website search engine friendly without sacrificing user experience (UX). While the importance of UX may seem obvious to business owners, it’s not surprising that many SEO companies focus strictly on technical aspects of SEO and lose sight of the real goal of a website: to serve the people who visit it.

    Additionally you’ll want to partner a company who provides you with monthly metrics and is, of course, available to answer your questions.

    Let Our SEO Experts Help You

    For those in the Nashville area who want to learn more about how tools like HubSpot, Screaming Frog and SEMRush can help you analyze and maximize your website’s SEO, Inbound Marketing Agents is hosting a free event next week.

    We are pleased to have a world-class SEO team who will share their expertise with Nashville-area business owners at a free event on Wednesday, Sept. 10. Join us from 6-8 p.m. at IMA Headquarters at 521 8th Ave. S., Suite 102, Nashville, TN 37203.

    The IMA SEO team will break down SEO for you, define various SEO-related buzzwords and discuss why on-page SEO is so important. We will also be conducting live site audits after the presentation and all attendees will receive a free site audit after the event.

    Register today using the link in the image below. We hope to see you there!

    Join IMA for an SEO meetup on Sept 10

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