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    5 Instagram Accounts That Rock at Promoting Business

    Posted by Jennifer Kardell

    These Companies Use Instagram like Champs

    When it comes to social media for your business, your first thoughts might immediately go to Facebook and Twitter. And, depending on your target audience, these two platforms are probably a good place to start. However, there are many additional social networks available to you that can also boost business. If you are an entrepreneur or industry leading executive, LinkedIn might be a good fit for you. If you are looking to boost your sites rankings then posting on Google+ might be the way to go.

    Although those networks are useful and can offer great benefits to your business, but sometimes you need to branch out and great creative with your marketing game plan. Try using those networks in a way that goes against the norm. Or consider looking into a social networking site that offers something different, like Instagram. Yes, Instagram.  The power of this social network is underestimated and can actually be one of the best things to happen to your marketing – if done right.  There are many businesses out there that are rocking the Instagram marketing world; and who better to learn from the best! We have chosen five of our favorite accounts to feature.

    1. Free People

    social media

    Customers who are loyal come back mainly because of the customer service they receive. Another way of ensuring the return of customers is to let them be the ambassador’s of your company. Free People does just that by showcasing their fans as their models!

    Gorgeous and lush filtered photos aren’t the only thing that draw in their followers; animated slideshows and videos featuring new products and the musicians in their commercials attract eyes, as well.  Followers get exposure not only to the company’s clothing, but to other things that interest them, making Free People a dynamic account.

    2. Warby Parker

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    Their number of followers may be small, but their marketing strategy is fierce, more than those numbers let on and their customers seem to agree. Warby Parker may have only been around for a couple years, but their fans are extremely loyal to the up-and-coming eyewear masters.

    Most companies take the catalog approach in showing off what they have to offer. That is not the case for these specs. They take a “in the eyes of the beholder” approach quite literally; like Free People, they let their fans take the reigns and post photos of themselves on the account.

    3. Taco Bell

    social media

    We may have used Taco Bell’s social media presence as an example a time or two before. Maybe it’s because we like their marketing. Or maybe we just like tacos. Whatever it is, they are obviously doing something right if we keep coming back for more marketing eye-candy!

    Unless you live under a rock, you will know their slogan: Live Mas. They encourage their customers to live more with the help of their food. Their Instagram ties this into their product promotion very well by showcasing people living their lives and doing the things they love all while eating items off of Taco Bell’s menu.

    One thing to love about their account is that there is no shame in self-promotion, which they do very well. They create visually appealing images with great colors and lines by using their own products. Now we’re hungry. Kudos, Taco Bell. Kudos. 

    4. Starbucks

    social media

    Like some of the previous examples, Starbucks primarily lets its fan base control the content.

    The clever tagline on their profile even lets customers know that they are being put first:

    “Starbucks Coffee: Freshly brewed instagrams from Starbucks in Seattle, WA. Tag your coffee photos with #Starbucks!”

    If it’s not apparent by now, customers love to have kick-backs and acknowledgements from the brands they love. Customer service doesn’t always have to be about problem solving. It can be about creating a happy customer that wants to come back without being told.

    5. Old Made Good

    social media

    Their name alone is pretty awesome. Their products are old, vintage-style items that have been given some spice and/or a little something extra to make them special. With the rising popularity of salvage antiques and repurposed goods, Old Made Good is a standout for more reasons than one.

    One of the coolest features that they offer is users can purchase items from Instagram. No, Instagram didn’t add a buy now button or any kind of shopping cart feature, but OMG has created their own way of selling within the social network that you don’t see often. Since they offer one-of-a-kind products, they tend to go quick. They also have fans from all over that can’t make it into the store to make purchases. Their ringleaders of the vintage-style company allow users to post their email address and are then sent an invoice to purchase the items they like.

    They even have glitter on their floor, how can you not love that?

    As you can see, Instagram can be an extremely valuable social media network. If your company can make use of the platform in a way that attracts new fans and appeals to old ones, who’s to say Instagram won’t become just as formidable a social media powerhouse as Facebook or Twitter?

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