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    Becoming a Social Media Star

    Posted by Jennifer Kardell

    6 strategies for managing your company's social media accounts

    Every job requires a specific set of tools or assets that you need to perform your job well. Being a social media manager sounds like it would be an easy job that wouldn’t require more than just creating an account on Facebook or Twitter and watching the conversations rolls in. That’s where you would be wrong.

    There are many components to making the social machine work. For another edition of "Social Saturday", let's take a look at what it takes to make your company's social media program successful.

    “Team work makes the dream work”

    I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase before, but it couldn’t be more true. Your car doesn’t run appropriately unless all of its components are in good condition, right? Your body isn’t healthy and can’t function properly unless all of your organs work together. The same goes for social media. 

    Planning an event? How can you promote it online with out information from your event planner? 

    Sure, it seems like it's a solo position, but social media can’t work on its own. If you don’t have content then what do you have to share with your audience? Ask other team members from other departments to share information with you to post on your social platforms. Customer testimonials and department milestones make great content for social. 

    Having a great team with great communication is the oil to your machine so things can run smoothly.

    What is your social network saying about you?

    When you are drawn to a person and become friends with them, more than likely it’s because you are drawn to their personality. The same applies to social networks. If your social network is boring, then why would customers want to connect with you online?

    A great example of online personality is Taco Bell. They have a great relationship with their targeted users because they communicate on their audience’s level. Taco Bell has fun with its fans and is witty, which draws all 1.35 MILLION followers to their account.

    Taco Bell uses Twitter effectively to connect with followers

    Your personality in life is what sets you apart from everyone else; this is no different for your social accounts.

    So are you going to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, or nah?

    If the shoe fits…

    Wear it! Just because everyone is on Facebook, or Twitter doesn’t mean you need to be. Sometimes Facebook just isn’t right for your company.

    You need to take a look at your buyer personas. Once you have figured out your targeted audience(s) you can learn which social network your business can thrive on.

    You and your business don’t have time to waste, so why waste your time on a social network that won’t work for you?

    Don’t be afraid to step out of the Facebook/Twitter trend and branch out to other networks. Get creative with them and make your socials work for you!

    Instagram, for example is becoming a very underestimated player in the social game. Sure, you can post pictures and share them with your users. You can also add fun filters to give them a certain look, but what benefit can that bring to you?

    The answer is, a lot.

    Post a video of how a product works or of customers using the product – especially if they use the product in a new way! Turn Instagram into another purchasing outlet for customers by selling services or products via posts.

    Using Instagram to sell products can help your social media strategy.Image courtesy of Rural Reclaim

    “Get your game face on”

    You need to always have a method to your madness, a plan of attack, or more simply put: a game plan.

    Your plan can and will vary depending on the number of accounts being managed and how they are all being managed. Just remember to you follow your planned goals to meet your overall purpose.

    When creating your plan, know your goals, know your purpose and set up a system that will get you what you want. Again, make your social media work for you!

    Let’s get engaged!

    Sometimes the world of social media can be a little chaotic, and you need to find ways of keeping your world organized. Spreadsheets and checklists are great tools, but they aren’t much good with helping you respond to customers when you’re running multiple accounts.

    This is where you need to find a social media management and engagement software that will allow you to post, respond, schedule and handle various forms of communication with your customers.

    There are many options available to users like HootSuite and SproutSocial. Although one option may seem like the “latest-and-greatest” over another, choose the one that works best for you, even if the cost is a little more. There’s no need to make your job harder than it already is.

    If you’re managing multiple accounts it’s time consuming to log in to each Facebook or Twitter account and respond organically. You’re a social media manager; don’t let social media keep you from being social!

    Learn from the best

    There are companies out there who are rocking the social media game. Obviously they are doing something right. You are not alone when it comes to social, find thought leaders and influencers and draw inspiration from them. Seek out CEOs or industry-specific accounts and learn from them. One of the best things about social media is it is always changing, there is always something new which means you can always learn something new every day.

    Without the right tools, your social media can’t work the way it is intended to. Once you have adapted these tips into your game plan, you will be off and running with a good start into the social media world.


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