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    Infographic: Increase Your Email Open Rates

    Posted by Jessica Bowers Hopson

    Creating Emails That Your Audience Wants to Read

     a world dominated by social media, email still rules when it comes to digital marketing and lead generation. 

    As marketers, we rely on email for customer communication and sales opportunities. As consumers, we find ourselves inundated with email clutter daily and make vain attempts to organize our inboxes. So how do we, the marketers, combat the clutter and create emails that stand out against the white noise? 

    Effective emails start with subjects that capture a reader's attention. The most successful email subject lines are short, descriptive and make the reader want to know more. 

    Scheduling your message to be delivered at the right time will help you stand out from the crowd as well. Consider your audience and their habits when determining when to send. If you are targeting 9-to-5ers, then sending on the weekend might not be effective. But if you are targeting students, sending something later in the evening when they need a study break might be the optimal time for open rates. Analyzing statistics provided by your email service provider can provide insightful information on scheduling.

    Lastly, your email should utilize responsive design, meaning the size of the email should auto-adjust depending on which device the reader is using. Look for an email service provider that offers this option, if you are not skilled in design. Responsive design makes it easier for readers to actually view your content once they have opened your email. And the easier it is to read, the more effective your email will be.

    Ready to Create Your Email Campaign?

    Once you have written your email content, sourced your photos and images and scrubbed your contact list, you are ready to give the email a title and schedule the distribution. Before you press send, make sure you have followed the three simple tips outlined below to increase the likelihood that your customers will open your email, read the content and follow the call to action. 


    Infographic: 3 ways to create emails that users want to read to increase your open rates



    Jay Baer, Convince & Convert


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