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    Infographic: The Social Media Etiquette Guide to Business

    Posted by Jessica Bowers Hopson

    Are you being your best self online?

    Guest Post: Jennifer Landry, Web Journalist

    We all know the importance of having and maintaining a social media profile. Whether you are online to promote your personal brand, your business or just to increase your SEO results through Google+, your social media profile is an extension of yourself. 

    In a 2013 report by Social Media Examiner, 89% of markters said increased exposure was their number one reason for being on social media. 

    It stands to reason, then, that you would want that exposure to be positive for you and your brand. Maintaining proper etiquette on each platform is essential for cultivating online relationships and promoting yourself in the best way possible. 

    The following infographic offers etiquette tips for each of the most popular social media platforms. Follow these tips to be your best self online:

    Infographic Source: TollFreeForwarding.com

    Jennifer Landry is a web journalist based in Malibu, California. She specializes in articles about business management and the current social media landscape, which are inspired by her own small business experience.

    Topics: Social Media