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    Infographic: Why Viewers are Sick of Your "Viral" Content

    Posted by Jessica Bowers Hopson

    Five Reasons Your Awesome Content Is Not Being Read

    Read online marketing literature and the huge buzzword of the last few years has been "content."

    It’s easy to grasp that a number of media creations define content – videos, images, soundtracks, books. However, it’s extremely difficult to understand how to craft and promote content, subsequently creating a "viral" call-to-attention and business action.

    Ensure content is packed with emotional appeal, making readers happy, sad, angry, etc. Whatemotions to target and how to target them depends on individual audience­ know what makes them "tick."

    Make sure content is shareworthy. It’s easy to want attention. It’s harder to earn it. Make sure content is practical and helps people solve a problem or teaches something new. Remember, the more your immediate followers find content interesting the more likely they will want to be the ones to share with their followers.

    Consider the times of day, month, year, but also keep track of horrible media events. The funniest, most engaging picture is distasteful when shared during a national disaster. Get informed about online hosting and keep tabs of online movements of competitors.

    Like dining, presentation counts a lot regarding viral content and intriguing social content. Ensure your text fits each platform (Twitter allows for 140 characters) and related images appear balanced and clear for viewers.

    Depending on the stage of one’s social presence, paid advertising can help accelerate the social reach of a particular account. Use paid advertising to promote messages on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Choose social channels depending on the nature of given industry and the behavior of consumers within.

    SMB content has the ability to go viral at any point in time. Ironically, paying more attention to what not to do helps small businesses use social media to great advantage.

    Five Reasons Your Awesome Content Isn’t Going Viral - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

    Source: WhoIsHostingThis.com


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