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    5 Easy Ways to Attract Viewers to Your Business Blog

    Posted by Brittney Ervin

    Is Your Blog Attractive to Readers?

    Are you producing content for your business’s blog that simply isn’t generating very much steam in terms of viewers, shares and general interest? Putting in the often long hours and painstaking effort to produce good content can seem fruitless when only a handful of people ever see what you’ve published.

    A continual cycle of low viewership and shares can make blogging seem pointless; you give up on the pursuit of that grand audience available to you via content production and, erroneously, place that time and energy into other things. Well, we’re here to tell you: content is perhaps the most important part of your company’s inbound marketing strategy, and blogs are the first step in that process. Don’t abandon blogging because you aren’t getting the viewers you need; change your blogging strategy and get the exposure you need to attract those viewers.

    To help enlighten you a little on the tenets of getting more viewers onto your blog, we’ve compiled a few helpful pointers below.

    1. Know Your Audience

    This little diatribe will likely pop up several times in this article. Why? Because it is monumentally important to virtually every step of creating content for your business’s website. Before you sit down to write a blog, you should have a firm knowledge of the audience you are writing to. Things like…

    • What do they want to know?
    • What information is useful to them?
    • What are they looking for when they visit your website?
    • Which social media platforms are they likely to be using?
    • What level of humor is likely to appeal to them?
    • What tone in your writing is most likely to resonate with them?

    We cannot stress enough the important of knowing your audience. When you know who you’re writing to, you can put your writings talents to use where they will be most effective, and you’ll have a far greater chance of getting the views, shares and engagement that are so important to your brand.

    2. Create a Solid Headline

    Headlines carry more weight than you think. So important, in fact, 80% of blog viewers scarcely make it past the last word of the headline before clicking off the page. Why is this, you ask?

    It’s because too many blog writers don’t put enough thought into creating a catchy headline that draws the viewer in and encourages them to keep reading. Here are a few easy tips for creating a catchier headline:

    • Incorporate Numbers
    • Appeal to Emotions
    • Make a Promise
    • Make an Announcement
    • Use Provocative Language

    Unfortunately, you’ll need to do more than pen a great title to your blog to get people to hang around, realize the value of your content, enjoy your writing style, and possibly give you a “share.”

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    3. Write Well

    This should go without saying, but it’s highly important, so we’re giving it a paragraph. Too many writers don’t understand the importance of correct grammar and spelling in their blogs and other content. Not only does sloppy grammar and spelling scare customers away from your website (59% of people who see bad grammar on a website will click off the page), it gives your blog and your brand a bad name.

    Because you want to build towards a reputation as an industry expert, and you want your viewers to be able to trust the content you produce, you must make every effort to present yourself as an educated authority, someone who can communicate efficiently and properly. Some things to look out for when editing your content?

    • Spelling, especially in headlines. If you aren’t sure about spell check’s version of a word, look it up. Better to be safe than embarrassed by a bad misspelling.
    • Grammar and Punctuation. You should be aware of some of the basic principles of grammar and should strive to incorporate them into every aspect of your blog. Handy tools like this can help you stay on top of any grammar pitfalls.
    • Run-On Sentences. When a sentence takes a viewer two breaths to complete out loud, it’s time to trim the fat. Short, succinct writing is generally always preferable to long-winded rambling, especially on a blog. Chop your sentences up, and then edit them for clarity.
    • Know Your Audience. Again, we must emphasize: this might be the most important factor to keep in mind. If you don’t know who you’re writing to, you can’t incorporate the tone and level of humor or seriousness that will appeal to them.

    4. Make Your Blog Shareable

    In addition to the things we’ve listed above, making your blog shareable is as simple as including “share” buttons inside the content itself. Making sure that your viewer has the ability to share your blog to their social media networks, especially Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, is an important part of maximizing exposure and getting the viewers you want.

    5. Include a “Subscribe” CTA

    After you make a stellar impression on your reader by providing them with top-notch content, razor-sharp wit, the right amount of humor, and impeccable spelling and grammar, encourage them to subscribe to your blog by inserting a handy CTA. Creating an attractive Call-to-Action might take some work, but when you’re producing great content, you deserve to gain as many followers as possible, and a CTA is an easy, user-friendly way to make that happen.

    When you make a commitment to producing quality content that your audience will find useful, the benefits to your brand are innumerable. How do you ensure that your brand’s content is reaching its audience?


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