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    5 Killer Resources To Help You Dominate LinkedIn

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Optimize Your LinkedIn Personal Profile and Business Page

    Each time I get a connection request via LinkedIn, the first thing I look at is the sender's profile, especially if I don't know them personally. One thing I see all too often is that the person has not optimized either their profile or their business page. Now, you may be wondering why this profile optimization is important, even when you aren't looking for a new job. 

    For starters, LinkedIn is used for more than just recruiting; it's an extremely valuable platform when it comes to search engine optimization, for both your and your business. This can be especially important when you're trying to acquire customers online. And really, who isn't nowadays?

    Even if you don't think LinkedIn is valuable for your business, taking a few moments to optimize your profile could pay impressive dividends in the long run, for both acquiring new customers and maintaining a solid professional profile online. It really doesn't matter if you're an employee at a bank or the owner of a pizza shop.

    Once you've optimized your personal profile, moving on to your business profile is the obvious next step. Here's some advice for building the profile that will benefit you (and your business) most. 

    The 13 Sneakiest LinkedIn SEO Tips To Boost Your Profile Views  

    If you're an SEO, you've probably already got the down-low on this list of tips. However, if you're among the 71% of LinkedIn users whose profiles are incomplete, this list could change the way you use the social media giant. 

    One thing many LinkedIn users don't consider is the benefit of using your name as a vanity URL and asking for recommendations. Think of recommendations like reviews on Yelp!; the more positive the recommendations you acquire on your profile, the better your optimization will be. You can even use them on your profile as social proof. 

    How to optimize your linkedin profile

    You will see in the above screenshot of my personal profile that I have placed my title as "CEO at Inbound Marketing Agents," first in my job description, and then also in four additional keyword phrases that are relevant to my business.  Secondly, you can see in the bottom left corner that I have claimed my vanity URL, which is great for marketing purposing and sharing.

    With this fully optimized profile, I have averaged over 35 profile views per day in the last three months. That's over 1,000 profile views per month. 

    Putting Your Company Page Through LinkedIn Bootcamp 

    This article is useful for a plethora of LinkedIn profile tune-ups, from building out your services page to attaching your blog posts and acquiring recommendations. 

    Because LinkedIn is one of the first social media networks that a savvy prospective client or even recruiter will visit before contacting your company, having a fully fleshed-out services page will help you present the most complete version of your company. 

    When you think about the process of meeting a new contact at a networking event, convention or luncheon, you know there are two places that contact will search for further information about both you and your company: your website and your LinkedIn profile. This is another reason it's so important to have an accurate, complete profile available to all potential contacts. 

    7 Tips For Using LinkedIn Groups

    Although this article deals more in prospecting, marketing and sales than in optimizing your profile, Groups is another aspect of LinkedIn that is often under-utilized by users unless they happen to be content marketers or experienced salespeople. 

    Rememebr: every LinkedIn member can join up to 50 groups, so you'll need to maximize this feature by joining groups that are both relevant to your business and that contain opportunities for prospective customers.  

    Groups are a fantastic resource to make new connections, share your content, and build authority by engaging and answering questions that are asked within the Groups. Sharing content is another important part of LinkedIn groups that can provide your company with many benefits. Before you share content in a specific group, however, you'll need to read into that group's specific rules, otherwise your content could end up labeled as spam and get you ghosted by LinkedIn altogether.   

    We've attached a screen cast below to help walk you through the process of targeting LinkedIn groups for your company. 

    How to Target LinkedIn Groups for Lead Generation

    4 Mintues To Optimize A LinkedIn Profile For SEO

    Mike Volpe, the CMO of Hubspot, has produced this great little video on optimizing your LinkedIn profile for SEO. While it is less than four-minutes in duration, it is packed with great insights and nuggets of information to help increase the impact of your SEO efforts on LinkedIn. 


    10 Tips For The Perfect LinkedIn Profile

    This is a fantastic infographic from LinkHumans.com posted on Business Insider. The visual information contained in the infographic helps drive home the points listed in the article.

    LinkedIn infographic resized 600


    Now that you've got a wealth of information at your fingertips, optimizing your LinkedIn profile should be easier than ever. If you still have questions, take a look at our free eBook below. 

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