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    Client Generates $18K In Four Days With 1st Lead Nurturing Campaign

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    It's not very often that we talk about the success or failures of a client o
    n our blog, but I felt compelled to share this with you today as this past weekend we launched an aggressive 4-day marketing campaign for a new retail based client.  The information that I will share is real data that we have pulled last night directly from their HubSpot Portal.

    Let's start with a little context on the client's business. The client is a national specialty retail business that operates by selling a product in shopping malls.  This means they sell their product at a kisok in the center of the mall walkways.

    They are unique as they do not have a permanent location at each mall and only visit a given mall every couple of months selling a unique product that no one else sells in the shopping mall which definitely helps.

    Aside from the retail business this client also has an ecommerce business that sells products online that support their primary product sold in the shopping malls. 


    The Problem - Short Sales Cycle

    But, they are only in one location for a short period of time which means they have a very short sales cycle.  In this case we had four (4) days to capture leads and convert to customers for in store purchases.  This can be problematic for many retailers without the proper technology and/or manpower or experience to execute effectively.

    Because they are only in a location for short periods of time and have limited staff they had not implemented a lead capture or a nurturing campaign in the past so the only chance they really had to close a sale was by a direct sales pitch.  You can see this everyday at your local mall in any city and we all know that the 16-24 year olds working as sales people and clerks are not professionally trained in sales leading to a lot of lost transactions at the point of sale.


    Campaign Implementation

    Step 1 - They had two websites.  One that just housed content and another that houses their ecommerce platform which is Magento.  Unfortunately both sites had a tremendous amount of duplicate content and outdated SEO (no manual penalties thank goodness) so we had to completely rebuild both web sites and optimize the conversion path on the ecommerce site, remove the duplicate content, and completely audit and re-implement their SEO.

    Step 2 - On Tuesday we got approval from the client to move their marketing automation software from their previous platform to HubSpot.  Thanks to HubSpot as we got access to their new HubSpot Content Optimization System within a couple of hours which was critical as the client wanted us to build and implement the campaign by Friday at 10am.  Holy Batman that is only two days to design and implement!

    Step 3 -  Armed with an ample supply of coffee and Diet Coke three members of our IMA team went to work and started building the campaign which included.

    • Creating four sub domains
    • Set up the HubSpot Portal from scratch
    • Create four responsive landing pages to capture leads at the point of sale. The responsive design was critical as we are asking the consumer to convert on their smart phone.  (Thank you HubSpot for having responsive design built into the new COS)
    • We implemented four unique Thank You Pages tied to each landing page that contained the "Offer" content (Slideshare containing unique and valuable content the consumer can't get anywhere else as the UVP.  The Slideshare was created from scratch) as the value proposition for conversion.
    • Four unique auto responder emails were designed to send to the consumer exactly 15 minutes after the landing page conversion. This timing was critical based on the typical length of the "pitch" which would allow the salesperson enough time to complete and the consumer to depart prior to receiving
    • Four separate email lead nurturing campaigns were designed. Each lead nurturing campaign had to be customized and tied to a specific landing page that was to be used on each day of the 4-day campaign.  Example: Day 1 had an auto responder, Saturday email, Sunday email, Monday email, and then a Wednesday email to drive the conversions to the ecommerce site after the client had left the mall. Day 2 had an auto responder, new email customized email for Sunday and Monday, and then the ecommerce email on Wednesday.  The same pattern was used for Day 3 and Day 4 so the experience for each days conversion was unique.
    • The last component was to set up segmentation within HubSpot so we could nurture "Lost" conversions that did not purchase after the Wednesday email.  The timing for email distribution was set based on the historical sales cycle and the content was customized based on the leads interaction with the lead nurturing emails and website content post-conversion.
    The primary goal of this campaign was to to capture leads at the point of sale with a value proposition, follow up with a discount offer if they did not purchase immediately, and drive them back to purchase by the last day of sales which Monday night.  
    This is why we were so aggressive in emailing everyday between Friday to Monday, but you have to understand that each email that was sent was educational and not sales driven.  We did offer a $100 discount as an incentive on a $1,000 purchase which equals a 10% discount, but the key element was answering the customer's most commonly asked questions and providing a valuable resource in each email to create trust and authority.

    The Results

    To be honest with you I probably wouldn't be writing this article if the campaign wasn't a success and this in no way is intended to showcase our talents except for the fact that we implemented in a very short period of time.  The results are meant to display the effectiveness of a well thought out and executed lead nurturing campaign for a typical retail business that has a very short time frame to close sales.

    • 767 people visited the four landing pages
    • 332 people converted to leads via the landing pages
    • Average auto responder email open rate was 54% over the four days
    • Lead nurturing email open rate - Day 2 (41%)  Day 3 (37%)  Day 4 (63%)
    • Lead nurturing email CTR - Day 2 (17%)  Day 3 (18%)  Day 4 (24%)
    • 18 customers were acquired prior to close of business on Monday night
    • $18,125.00 at a 45% margin was generated from the campaign
    • 17% of total sales revenue was generated from the lead nurturing campaign from Friday to Monday
    • 0 opt-outs from the email campaign


    Moral of the Story

    Understanding the buyers journey for your customers and creating a lead nurturing campaign based on the customers sales cycle can dramatically impact sales.

    Was this campaign aggressive? Yes.  

    Did it work?  Yes.

    The evidence is in the percentage of overall sales from the weekend.  The value of the content and the product itself is evident by having zero opt-outs with such an aggressive campaign over a short period of time.

    So, please don't be afraid to test your lead nurturing frequency.  Believe me, if we had a 15% opt-out rate than this would have been a completely different article.


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