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    The 7 Best and Brightest Blogs from the Last Week

    Posted by Brittney Ervin

    Don’t Miss Out on These Content Gems

    Chances are that no matter what job position you hold, education is huge part of your personal success in that field. If you’re a marketer like us, constant research, reading and learning is vital to staying on top of trends and events and being able to better educate our audiences with the content we produce.

    In the world of marketing, your fellow writers and thinkers are some of your best assets when it comes to building your knowledge and becoming a more effective marketer, but with so much amazing content out there, however, it can be difficult to find the blogs and articles that are most useful to you.

    Additionally, unless you’re subscribed to each blog you like, you’ll miss the new material the blog produces daily or weekly. That’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of blogs from the past week that we feel hold a tremendous value for marketers, thinkers and learners. From advice on marketing to inspirational blogs on following your dreams, this list has something to delight, educate and dazzle even those who are new to the wide world of online content.

    1. Kyli Singh, “6 Unusual Dream Jobs You Can Actually Get Paid For” - Mashable.com

    Singh has created a list of “dream jobs” that many of us have pined for in passing, but dismissed as unrealistic ways to pay the bills. Examples, you ask? Well, she begins her list with “Panda Caretaker,” and includes such mind-boggling entries as “Waterslide Tester” and “Luxury Bed Tester.” While all of these jobs do sound pretty dreamy, Singh makes certain to list actual pay points for each position, and also provides some information via people who have held the “job.” $1,600 to be a “Luxury Bed Tester”? Sounds heavenly.

    2. Sheryl Sandberg, “Rethinking Marketing to Women” -  Adweek.com

    Sheryl Sandberg is one of the foremost voices in the push to help women achieve parity in positions of power and in their career aspirations. This week, in the first of a four-part column for AdWeek, she expounds upon the role that marketing plays in helping inspire young women of all ages and positions towards their fullest potential in the workplace. Sandberg outlines how important it is that advertisers and marketers use images of women that encourage their agency and depict them as real people rather than stereotypes. If this first entry in the series is any indication, Sandberg’s blog series will be required reading in no time.

    3. Lindsay Kolowich, “The Engagement Ring Story: How De Beers Created a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry from the Ground Up” - Hubspot.com

    Hubspot has long been a destination for quality, in-depth marketing content.  This week’s crop of impressive content included this gem (pun intended) from Lindsay Kolowich, a tale of historical marketing that is remarkable for a variety of reasons. For starters, she gives a detailed history of one of the most influential ad campaigns ever launched, one which made the diamond engagement ring a cultural mainstay that persists into modern times. Also, Kolowich goes into detail about the ethics of the De Beers marketing campaign and the effectiveness of creating value with your product rather than simply reacting to an existing one. In the end, Holowich lets us decide for ourselves how we feel about De Beers’ admittedly successful marketing tactics.

    4. Eli Epstein, “The 7 Most Important Things to Do Before You Quit Your Job to Freelance” - Mashable.com

    You might’ve experienced this scenario: you’re sitting at your desk at work, wolfing down a sad sandwich on your lunch break while also checking emails and scheduling meetings, and you find yourself in a fever daydream wherein you’ve handed in your resignation, loosened your tie and accepted a steady stream of freelancing jobs that you can do from the comfort of your couch.

    While quitting your staunch 9-to-5 for a much more relaxed freelancing gig is a heavenly thought, Eli Epstein offers some serious advice on how to make the transition successfully, with preparations and loss preventions in place before you sign your name on that resignation line. From making an effective financial plan for the switch to being able to motivate yourself to get work done, Epstein’s advice is valuable and worth a peep if you’re toying with the idea of getting on the freelance train.

    5. Laura Entis, “Facebook Explains Why Organic Reach is Dying” - Entrepreneur.com

    If you’ve been abreast of (and upset by) the dwindling effectiveness of Facebook’s organic reach for your business or brand, this article will likely add salt to the wound. According to Entis, companies who once enjoyed an organic reach of 16% (meaning that their posts on Facebook would reach 16% of their fans without any purchased ad space) are now reaching only 6% of that same fan group. Whether this is a result of Facebook becoming more ad-happy or a simple by-product of the website becoming a hub for shared content, Entis doesn’t conclude. But the article does close with a quote encouraging businesses to see paying for advertisement space on Facebook as a worthwhile investment in reaching their audiences.

    6. Kumail Humani, “Cultivating the Right Attitude Turns Customers Into Followers” - Entrepreneur.com

    If you’re a business owner, you probably understand, at least remotely, the importance of customer satisfaction in your company’s success. Maintaining your customer base is one thing, Humani says, while gaining new customers and creating followers requires more of an effort on the part of your business and your brand. From surprising your customers with extra-attentive customer service and locating and fulfilling unspecified needs to seeing your customers as vital, internal parts of your company, Humani has some engaging and enlightening advice on creating followers out of your customers.

    Lisa Furgison, “How Big Brands Keep Their Social Media Audiences Engaged” - Social Media Examiner

    If you’ve ever found yourself at a bit of a standstill when it comes to keeping your audience engaged on social media, Lisa Furgison has written the blog for you. Taking her inspiration from companies like Doritos, Coca-Cola and Nissan, Furgison lists some awesome ways to get your social media audience’s attention and get them engaged with your brand. From contests and videos to recurring daily content that provides your readers with quick, easy-to-absorb information, Furgison outlines some of the ways big-name companies keep their audiences engaged on a daily basis.

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    The power of knowledge and research is immeasurable in the scheme of its benefits; taking time to read and glean important lessons from online content, especially content that deals with your own industry and business, will help make you a better business owner, a better brander and a more knowledgeable expert in your field. 

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