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    25 Reasons to Love HubSpot for Free

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Inbound Marketing Automation Has Never Been So Easy

    If you are an entrepreneur, or a small business owner, you understand all to painfully that marketing your business is no easy feat. IMA Blog Hubspot love

    In addition to getting your business up and running, keeping yourself in the black, and taking care of day-to-day challenges, learning how to market your product or service can be a test that many business people fail.

    HubSpot, the nation’s number one marketing automation software, can help you with your marketing efforts, automating your processes, and generally making it much easier to create, schedule, track and analyze all of your marketing efforts.

    Want to learn how to write amazing content for your blog?

    You can do that for free with HubSpot.

    Want to educate yourself on how to create a landing page that converts visitors to your website into leads?

    HubSpot shows you how to do that for free as well.

    How about discovering all the great ways you have to distribute your fabulous new content on social media?

    They've got you covered there too.

    The team here at Inbound Marketing Agents in Nashville uses the Hubspot tool for pretty much everything we do.

    When we bring on a new full service client, they are usually pretty excited to learn all of the great things the automated platform is capable of providing through our services.

    The only thing it doesn’t do is write great country music hits or blogs.

    We love HubSpot so much that it was high time to write a song about it, but since we don’t sing here at IMA, we decided to write a blog instead.

    Here are the 25 Reasons to LOVE HUBSPOT - absolutely FREE:

    1. HubSpot has a wealth of free information that you can have access to without even being a client or a partner. Where else can you go to access free libraries, webinars, templates and even use their visuals (with proper attribution) all for nothing? Zip. Zero. 

    2. HubSpot’s blog is full of great information that will keep you up-to-date on the latest trends and information in the inbound marketing, social media and online marketing world. Subscribe to their blog, read it everyday and you will not regret the mountain of knowledge you will find yourself with before you know it. As a small business person, having one place to go to for all things marketing is a plus.

    3. Their Academy has a FREE Inbound Training Program and an incredible opportunity for you, as a business owner to get the education you need to be able to make thoughtful and meaningful choices for your marketing program

    4. Then there is the free Design Training Program. Learn to create templates to hit your marketing goals with responsive offers, CTA’s, landing pages and other tools.

    5. Free Blogging Tools set you up to learn about the basics of blogging, how to write a blog post and even how to optimize your content for maximum reach. This is no ordinary company, they want you to succeed.

    6. Free website optimization tools allow you to get the lowdown on the best ways to enhance your business site for maximum search engine success.

    7. Free website optimization guide, worksheets and audits aid you in finding out where you are now with SEO and other optimization efforts so that you can better understand where you want to be.

    8. Sign up for HubSpot’s email, or follow them on one of their social media outlets and you will get relevant and fresh information delivered straight to your fingertips.

    9. They have a huge library of free, downloadable content on pretty much whatever topic you might want to know about.  This library is a fabulous source of information for anyone, even HubSpot’s competitors. As a subscriber to their email, or as a follower of one of their social media platforms, you will constantly receive offers to download great new information whenever it becomes available - don’t miss out on these opportunities.

    Hubspot Inbound Marketing Automation

    10. HUG’s – HubSpot User Groups are located all over the country. Find one in your area, sponsored by a local marketing firm and attend for even more marketing information that can benefit your planning and execution.

    11. Free Webinars nearly every week with HubSpot’s top influencers teach you the basics on up to the more complicated aspects of marketing your business for success.

    12. The Marketing Grader is one of the first things you will see when you go to their website. Enter your business URL, your email address and they will send you information on how to make your site better. What better way to get started with an amazing automation system?

    13. The Buyer’s Journey is their methodology for teaching how a buyer works within the online system to purchase a product. Learn how this methodology has changed (even for HubSpot) and how you can use it to revolutionize your lead collecting process.

    ima blog hubspot buyers journey

    14. They have no desire to hide any secrets. In fact, HubSpot publishes articles on their processes that other platforms would love to keep hidden from you until you are a full paying client.

    15. Learn about how to create offers for your visitors that have value and drive more leads through your sales funnel using their free templates.

    16. Discover the HubSpot sales funnel and the buyers journey throughout the sales process, in addition to how your offers and landing pages can push them through each level

    17. Create landing pages using their free templates, utilize their report cards on your current land pages and their content on how to create the best landing pages for your audience.

    18. Use their library and their training to learn all about the Call-to-Action and how it can greatly increase leads in your sales funnel.

    19. Take advantage of information on lead nurturing informtion with HubSpot’s free guide, webinars, case studies and even a workbook. This is where the automated system gets juicy, but things are still free.

    20. Find out the basics of creating a great email, when to send an email and at which point in the buyers journey is the best time to send one.

    21. View 3 free webinars on getting your sales force and your marketing team on the same page to increase qualified leads and close more sales for your business.

    22. Download their free Content Performance Checklist and analyze how you are doing so far. Is your content being distributed properly? Is it driving sales to your website? Are you getting more leads? Find out free ways to examine and explore how you can improve your current efforts and even measure your results.

    23. Check out real life examples from customers who have used the automated platform. Get ideas to create your own emails, landing pages, CTA’s, blogs and other lead nurturing tools right from HubSpot’s free training library. Even without being a HubSpot client, you can train yourself to market your own business. Even better, you can browse by industry to get even more detailed examples to create marketing material for your niche.

    24. The buyer persona examples are a great way to figure out who you are marketing to. As a business owner, knowing exactly who your audience is can be the most important thing you determine when delivering content, offers and other material from your website. Learn about how to create a highly detailed buyer persona and leap ahead of your competition when it comes to developing your campaigns.

    25. It’s not free, but we have to mention HubSpot’s customer service department in our 25 Free Things to Love About HubSpot. Once you become a HubSpot customer, whether you do it on your own, or through a qualified marketing agency like Inbound Marketing Agents, the customer service department is always there, by phone or by email, to answer questions right when you need them.


    There are so many great free things to love about HubSpot, it's hard to believe that there is even more to love when you become a client.

    Daily prospects, automatic weekly and monthly analysis reports, email capabilities, pre-built landing page templates right in the software and SEO suggestions right in the blog platform are just a few of the great things about the automated platform.

    However, don't let all the free stuff fool you. Marketing your businesss isn't an easy task.

    HubSpot just makes it look easy.


    Visuals Courtesy of HubSpot

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