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    Infographic: Google+ for B2B

    Posted by Tracey Street

    Guest Post: Why Google+ Can Be a B2B Marketers Best Friend

    Social media has no doubt become an essential part of any company's inbound marketing strategy. 

    If your business primarily markets to other businesses, then you might be wondering whether or not social media works differently for B2B companies.

    Fortunately, that’s where Google+ comes to the rescue!

    While it did kick off with a bit of a shaky start, many are relieved that Google+ hasn’t died off. Google did attempt to enter the the social media space several years ago and failed with OpenSocial.

    What's Up With the Plus?

    Google+ seems to be growing well and it's numbers are strong.

    While having some kind of online presence is crucial for every kind of business in one way or another, it’s also equally important to utilize the platform that will be able to provide you with the best results and meet your marketing goals.

    If you’re executing a B2B marketing strategy, then Google+ should be at the top of your task list.

    In fact, it could be one of the most cost-effective ways to manage your brand projection in the marketplace, and it offers more viral marketing potential than alternative marketing methods.


    Facebook is Losing Cred

    It’s no secret that businesses worldwide have been jumping on the social media bandwagon more and more within the past few years.

    While Facebook seems to be a great platform for nearly any industry, you might need to tweak your social media strategy a bit if your goal is to improve your leads. Their organic feed for brands has trickled to less than 2%.

    The fact of the matter is that B2B interactions tend to die on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest. This is due to many things like a lack of campaign focus, no lead nurturing strategy, or just plain boring posting methods. This applies to Google+ as well.


    G+ Can Handle a Wider Mix of Content

    A company should focus on a wide mix of content that will be able to drive useful information to B2B prospects while socializing at the same time.

    That’s why Google+ serves as one of the best platforms for B2B marketing.

    Not only does it allow businesses to develop entire communities within their niche, but it also gives brands the opportunity to share various types of content.

    Google+ is now one of the most-utilized social media platforms on the web today, and with over 540 million users, it would make sense for a B2B brand to start a presence there.

    Even if you think your prospects aren’t on Google+ or your targeted audience won’t be found with a Business Page, you may want to think again.

    According to the infographic below, provided by 1800NumberNow.com, every business will have a Google Plus business page within 5 years, which makes now the best time to join this social platform.

    However, it takes much more than just knowing how to create a profile in order to be successful on Google+.

    By taking the time to build circles and connect with communities within your niche, only then will you be able to reach out to influencers and grow the number of followers you have.

    Not convinced you’ll need Google Plus for your content marketing strategy? Take a look at the stats in the infographic below-- you might just be surprised.


    Google+ for B2B



    Guest Blogger: Hilary Smith 

    This infographic was written by Hilary Smith. She also created the infographic. Hilary is an online journalist who often enjoys sharing her passion about small business marketing with her readers. Her writing also covers the areas of business communications, technology, and globalization.


    Google+ for business

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