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    The Most Impressive Infographics of the Past Week

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    The Internet's Best and Brightest Infographics

    With the ever-changing tides of the information age, producing dynamic content on a regular basis is one of the only ways to keep your audience engaged.

    We all know how important it is to offer more than blog content and brand promotions on our social media platforms; we must offer our audiences content that they find both useful and interesting.

    Some of the easiest ways to do this are including things like pictures, videos, memes, and infographics in our posts.

    Infographics in particular offer some of the most effective visual content for your social media platform; they offer your audience a visually engaging experience while also being informative, and help add variety and spice to your usual content stream.

    We also love infographics for the purpose of learning and staying up on the latest trends in our own industry.

    So what are some of the most impressive infographics from the past week? Keep reading to find out.

    “What the Smartest Content Marketers Have in Common”

    We’re used to seeing great content from Inc.com. This infographic, shared by Laura Montini from Column Five Media, details some of the newest trends in content marketing among B2B marketers.

    It provides crisp, easy-to-read percentages, bar graphs, columns and scannable text for its viewers.

    The infographic combines a distinct, visually appealing design with meaty, informative text, making it a clear home run.

    Not only does this infographic provide relevant information on what content marketers are up to, it also shows by platform, what networks they are using to get their content noticed.

    LinkedIn and Twitter have moved past Facebook as the top social media platforms.

    And, although Social Media remains the top way to distribute content, there is also interesting information on the other media outlets that inbound marketers are using.

    We also liked that fact that there are various reasons why marketer are using distribution strategies including brand awareness, acquiring more leads, greater engagement and getting more website traffic.



     “Guy Kawasaki’s Secrets to Influencing Anyone”

    The ethics of successfully influencing others is tackled with aplomb in this infographic from Column Five, as it details the ways in which we, in the business world, can successfully achieve rapport, trust and, ultimately, influence over our constituents.

    Simple, bulleted points, easily-digestible texts and a welcoming color scheme make this infographic effective and relevant.

    What we like about this infographic is that it's such a good reminder of some obvious things, and a collage of old-school techniques.

    Smiling and dressing for success are great enchantment tools. For current customers, prospective clients and for your employees, there are just certain things that never go outof style.

    Then there were some newer enchantment ideas Kawasaki adds to make the selling of any new product, company change, or even a making a presentation easier.

    Providing things like social proof (the idea that people will follow along when their friends do) and empowering employees to make decisions are both great and pretty new ideas to the management realm.


    IMAs top infographics

      “Guy Kawasaki’s Secrets to Influencing Anyone”


    “Which is the Most Effective Digital Marketing Channel?”

    Marketing Land Infographics shares this fantastic infographic from Conductor, which details the various powers of several digital marketing channels and how they relate to the ROI of your business.

    Percentages, statistics and study results abound in this infographic, which is short, digestible and visually appealing.

    This piece of information is great because it provides details on how organic channels of marketing are the best way to get to your target audience.

    In addition, organic search as an inbound marketing channel also gets the most leads and provides the best ROI.



    best infographics April 2014

     “Which is the Most Effective Digital Marketing Channel?”



     “Getting Bored of Social Media? You’re Not Alone"

    Wendy Frink at Entrepreneur.com shared this infographic on April 17, courtesy of the mobile discovery startup, Delvv. Its value is especially relevant in recent times.

    As social media’s popularity rises, more and more business owners are losing sight of their strategies and experiencing social media burnout.

    The infographic details the issues that social media users face, from the mundane status updates of their followers to the general headaches that come along with being connected to so many people.

    Social media burnout is more common than many of us think, and being aware of the issues that come with overuse of social media can help many business owners and brands rethink their social media strategies and formulate new and better ways to stay connected.


    best infographics april 2014 ima nashville

     “Getting Bored of Social Media? You’re Not Alone"



    “How to Deal with Complaining Customers on Social Media"

    Marketing Land shared this outstanding infographic from ExactTarget, which not only details the kinds of complainers you’re likely to encounter on social media, but also details how you might deal with them.

    We all know how delicate an issue it is to contend with complainers on our social media platforms, and a little know-how and graciousness can go a long way toward maintaining our reputations and keeping everyone appeased.

    This is a great infographic because knowing how to deal with any type of bad review on social media by putting your best foot forward is a great way to appease an unhappy customer and show others that, as a business, you are willing you do whatever it takes to make things right.


    aprils best infographics ima nashville

     “How to Deal with Complaining Customers on Social Media"




    “Competing with Content Marketing: 7 Steps to Success”

    HubSpot has long been a leading name in the inbound marketing world, and this infographic by Lisa Toner upholds that reputation with ease.

    As many business owners find themselves face to face with content marketing strategies that they might not understand, it helps to have such easy-to-digest and visually stimulating road maps.

    From helping you understand your current content marketing status to helping you find ways to develop better strategies, contend with your competitors and measure results, this infographic is a wellspring of knowledge.

    The attractive visuals, scannable text and color formatting make it one of our top choices.


    infographic ideas

     “Competing with Content Marketing: 7 Steps to Success”




    “Show the Love: How Customers Reward Responsive Brands”

    Laura Montini at Inc.com sure knows a good infographic when she sees one.

    As business owners, you can never underestimate the importance of how your target audience perceives and responds to your brand through social media.

    What you might not have considered, however, is the serious impact that your interactions with that audience has on their potential to buy from your brand.

    Laura Montini shared this fantastic infographic from Column Five that details some of the ways that customers react to and reward brands that are exceptionally responsive on their social media platforms.

    The companies who really had customer-care as part of their mission were at the top of the list.

    In addition, how customers rewarded businesses also depended in large part on the relevance of information provided in things like blogs and newsletters. Consumers want to be informed, not just hit with a barrage of sales information.


    best infographic ideas

     “Show the Love: How Customers Reward Responsive Brands”



    These are our top infographic choices from the past week.

    We hope that you found each one informative, visually appealing and useful.

    What do you like most about them?

    Do you have a favorite?

    Let us know in the comments!


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