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    Tuesday Social Media Tidbits and Treats

    Posted by Tracey Street

    The Best Social Media Content from the Past Week

    When it comes to staying educated and informed on current trends, whether in your industry or in the marketing spheres that can help bolster your brand, there’s nothing quite like great content.

    The internet makes it relatively effortless to find amazing content creators who provide you with educational, funny, or uplifting articles. When you’re trying to tackle a topic for your brand that’s as confusing as social media, having informative content at your disposal is a godsend.

    That’s why we’ve decided to round up some of the absolute best articles on social media from the past week. Here’s our list for your careful perusal.


    Social Media Today, Melissa Leiter

    “26 Engaging Content Ideas for Social Media”

    “The key to any social media strategy is to post engaging content that YOUR target market will engage with. While celebrity gossip and cute puppies generally get a lot of likes, if it has absolutely nothing to do with you brand and doesn’t promote further engagement, it is irrelevant.”

    When it comes to capturing their target audience’s attention on social media, many business owners find themselves befuddled on a near-daily basis. After all, what works on a personal social media account might not go over so well on a brand’s social media account, and that can be monumentally frustrating.

    Leiter’s article does a fabulous job of addressing some of the challenges we face in engaging our target audiences through social media, and gives discerning, numbered lists of ways to engage audiences on a variety of social media outlets.

    It’s a solid and informative read for any business owner who continues to feel eluded by the seeming phantom of social media success.


    Entrepreneur.com, Jayson Demers

    “The Year Ahead: 5 Social Media Trends Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

    “…overdependence on any single platform puts you at the mercy of that platform’s whims.

    Whether it crashes or simply changes its rules, too much is at stake.” Jayson Demers has compiled some extremely valuable information for entrepreneurs when it comes to social media.

    Not only does he outline what entrepreneurs can expect in the coming year from their social media experiences, he gives them helpful tips how to combat the changes that are on the way.

    From outlining his predictions for Google+ to advice on using visual media to how to integrate your SEO, social media and content creation strategies, Demers has combined sound advice and an accessible writing style in a great article.


    Litreactor.com, Taylor Houston

    “10 Social Media Words That Need to Die”

    “Like all bad (and good) trends, there comes a point when people continue to use social media buzzwords long after the recommended expiration date.” Houston has accomplished that rare feat of combining humor with valuable information in this blog, which details some the most popular, and overused, social media buzzwords that it would be best to avoid in your own posts.

    Houston provides both historical and modern contexts for a number of the words she selects, and gives detailed explanations as to why she thinks people should phase them out of their social media rhetoric.

    It’s a fun read that also offers some true insight on the changing landscape of social media communication.


    Mashable.com, Wendy Frink

    “How 122-Year-Old General Electric is Killing It On Social Media”

    “So, how does a 122-year-old company compete with young whippersnappers? By humanizing its brand, educating its followers and taking photographs of jet engines and other visually stunning technology.”

    The struggle of maintaining our social media presences can be daunting, especially if we feel we don’t have an especially trendy product or service to tout.

    That’s why seeing a historic, relatively dry company like General Electric make such waves on social media is so inspiring.

    Frink’s outline of General Electric’s ingenious tactics on social media, including the breathtaking photographs they post of some of their lesser-known products like jet engines, is a stunning reminder that a little human connection and the power of beautiful photography can be a recipe for social media success, no matter how “dry” your product or service might be.


    Rebekahradice.com, Rebekah Radice

    “Smart Ways to Beat Social Media Burnout”

    “Nothing creates social media burnout faster than a Smartphone that never leaves your side. Set boundaries around how and when you will use social media.”

    Many of us can remember a point in our social media journeys when we were overwhelmed, felt ineffectual, or were simply uninspired by the entire process.

    Rebekah Radice relates, and has formulated some great methods for combating the seemingly inevitable burnout that follows a prolonged and intense use of social media. With all of the advice floating around out there about how to better manage your social media presence, it’s refreshing to see content that offers solutions for dealing with the exhaustion that management can cause.

    It’s amazing how much great content is out there, just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed by us. Taking time to research topics of interest in your industry can keep you up-to-date on the latest industry trends, keep your creative juices flowing or offer solutions to industry problems you’ve been contending with. I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that content creation is here to stay.

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