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    6 Principles of Viral Marketing

    Posted by Jennifer Kardell

    Using Social Media to Enhance Outreach

    With the emergence of social media and other networking sites, marketing has taken a wide turn away from the days of print and television. While there is nothing wrong with taking a full page ad out in a magazine or spending a fortune for a 30-second ad that may only be shown during lower rated shows, the benefits of using social media sites in your marketing strategy are much higher. Not only is it much cheaper, but you can also reach a much wider variety of people with very little effort.

    When you use social media sites to enhance your marketing outreach, you are reaching a level of viral marketing that can only benefit you and your business. Once you put the word out, if done properly, you can you expect your brand awareness to spread like wildfire throughout your social circle and further. With just a little creativity and social media savvy, you can boost your sales like never before.

    If you want to delve into the world of viral marketing, there are six principles that you should remember.

    1. Incentives

    To get your social circle involved in your viral marketing strategy, the best way to jump start their participation is to offer some sort of incentive. While your best friends may be willing to spread the word with nothing in return, if you offer free products or services in exchange for sharing your company information with their friends they will be more likely to pass it along. The incentives you have to offer don’t have to be extravagant, and it can turn into a win-win situation. Not only will they be giving you free advertisement, if they are impressed with the products and services you have to offer, you may end up with a lifelong customer.

    2. Ease of Use

    You want your marketing package to be easy to share for everyone. The advertising media you want to be shared should be easily transferred through different ways. Create advertising content that can be shared easily through e-mail or posted on a website. A good graphic could not only be sent through e-mail but also shared on various social media sites as well.

    3. Use What’s Out There

    Take advantage of the existing communication networks that are already out there; Facebook and Twitter are still incredibly popular and a simple way to have your company brand shared with millions of people with just the click of a button.

    4. Utilize Your Friends

    Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and immediate social circle for their help. You may know someone that has a well-known blog they could use to do a piece on you and your company. Just be sure to sweeten the deal by paying for the favor with free services or products.

    5. Exploit Motivations

    Everyone is a little greedy sometimes. Take advantage of that; don’t be afraid to exploit human nature for further gains on your marketing investment. Social media in itself is an extension of its user’s vanity so feel free to use it to its fullest. If someone see a chance to gain something by helping you further your advertising, they will be more likely to jump on the bandwagon and help out.

    6. Scalability

    The media you chose to use for your viral marketing should also be able to be used in both small and large campaigns. This allows for more variety and gives you more options for spreading your company’s message.

    Now that you know the six principles for a successful viral marketing campaign, get out there and put it to good use. You might be surprised just how much free advertising you can gain when you apply the concept properly. 

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