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    Video: Is Guest Blogging Dead?

    Posted by Katie Redmond

    The State of Guest Blogging in 2014

    The topic of guest blogging is definitely hot right now among watchers of the internet and people interested in SEO. Why is it such a hot topic?

    For starters, guest blogging has recently experienced a huge shift in support from popular SEO talking heads. This sway in support is due to several different factors, not the least of which is guest blogging new status as spam-vehicle-extraordinaire. It’s difficult to tell whether or not an interested guest blogger is only looking to use your website for link bait. It’s become so bad, in fact, that some experts insist that guest blogging is too much of a slippery slope to still be effective for your blog and your brand.

    So how can you tell if a potential guest blogger is legitimately interested in offering you quality content to display on your blog or is simply looking for an avenue to pile in dofollow links?

    Here are just a few simple ways to tell if you have spammer instead of a real guest blogger on your hands:

    1) If they vaguely refer to themselves as an “expert,” but don’t specify which industry or why that particular expertise is relevant to your company or beneficial to your followers.

    2) They emphasize and then re-emphasize the fact that they aren’t looking for monetary payment.

    3) Their offer email is suspiciously boiler-plate or generic. If they don’t seem to know anything about your company, or even your industry, it’s likely they just crafted a quick letter and sent out a mass email to numerous companies.

    4) They offer free work in exchange for your allowing “dofollow” links within the blogs they create for you.

    So is guest blogging actually dead in 2014? We tend to think that guest blogging, even in the current environment of link spammers and generally dishonest practices, can still be beneficial for you company. From exposure and brand building to improving your relationships with industry leaders, guest blogging offers your company some really positive things, as well, and it would be a shame to eliminate the possibility of enjoying those benefits altogether.

    At the end of the day, our advice is this: be extremely discerning when it comes to which guest bloggers you accept. Review each and every proposal you receive with a microscopic lens and don’t be afraid to say “no.” 

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