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    Video: How to Write Faster and More Efficiently

    Posted by Tracey Street

    Taking Forever to Produce Content?

    Content creation is no doubt a very important part of maintaining your business’s online presence, from social media to your website to the acquisition of new customers. Unfortunately, writing effectively while also writing quickly can be a challenge for many of us.

    In this video, Marie Forleo outlines some of the best practices for writing faster when you seem to hit a brick wall every time you sit down to produce a piece of blog content.

    Do you have issues producing content in a timely manner?

    Change Your Self-Perception

    As Forleo states, the way you see yourself as a writer is a huge portion of how you actually perform as a writer. When you maintain a mental environment of defeat over your writing efficiency, you’re more likely to accept and even maintain the behaviors that are holding you back. When it takes you two days to produce a piece of content, you will chalk it up to the effects of your being a slow writer, rather than feel incited to hunt for solutions to your writing problem.

    Change your mental patterns of thinking when it comes to how your write. Imagine yourself focused, in tune and ready to churn out something awesome.

    Give Yourself a Time Limit

    Another great point made by Forleo in this video is that when we’re functioning under a time limit, we simply find ways to get it done. When you don’t provide yourself with hard deadlines for completing your blogs, you end wandering around in a figurative productivity Limbo with no clear finish line and no schedule to work around.

    Force yourself to produce in a certain amount of time; get co-workers or bosses involved to keep you accountable and go to work. The newfound pressure to perform might draw out some of your best writing.

    Begin the Writing Process Early

    If you know that producing content requires a ton of notes and research, begin the process early by taking notes, writing down ideas and quotes, and keeping a running account of the things you’d like to write about. If you’re standing in line at the grocery store and you overhear a great, industry-related slogan from the person in front of you, pull out your phone and create a note. Come back to these notes when it’s time to write, and you’ll likely find that you already have the scaffolding in place for a great piece of content, and you’ve already done a ton of the work.

    Forleo recommends great apps like Evernote to keep track of your ideas, or even utilizing Siri on your Apple iPhone. Whatever your methods for keeping track of your ideas throughout the blogging process, make sure you provide yourself with legible ideas that you can expand upon later.

    Blogging effectively can certainly be a challenge, especially when you aren’t the quickest writer or you have trouble focusing. Formulating an effective plan for getting through your own blogging process could help you write quicker, more effective content and avoid the emotional trauma of working on the same blog for two days. Find your own writing catalysts and watch the content materialize faster than ever before. 


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