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    5 Ways You’re Messing Up Your Product Descriptions

    Posted by Pat Owings

    Make the Most of Your SEO with Better Descriptions

    product description seoThe product descriptions on your website may seem like the most straightforward content you’ll do. How hard could it possibly be, right? Describe the product and done. Well, there’s a good chance you’re doing it all wrong, and that could be very detrimental to your business in quite a few ways. One of the biggest is, of course, your SEO. Just a few minor faux pas could keep you from being found in a search. So, what are you doing wrong, and how can you fix it?

    1. Leaving Out Important Information

    You may not think the product description is the place to include product numbers and other boring information, but you’d be wrong. Believe it or not, plenty of people will search for products by the numbers and not by keywords. If someone else carries the same products you do, they’re going to show up first in those searches. Not only should you include the product numbers, but you should make sure the style name, all colors, all sizes, and all models are included. If you really want to go above and beyond, include information for any matching products in case someone out there wants to complete their set.

    2. Using Manufacturer Descriptions

    You may be tempted to just copy and paste the manufacturer’s description when adding new products to your online catalog. Hey, that description probably includes all the necessary information, so why wouldn’t you do it the easy way? The problem is that other companies selling the same or similar products might post that manufacturer description, too. When someone’s searching Google, you’ll both be left out of the search results, because Google isn’t too fond of duplicate content.

    3. Copying Your Own Product Descriptions

    What do you do when you have ten different products in various colors? The easy thing to do would be to copy and paste the product description for each and just change the color name. If you’ve done this before, you’re messing up. Remember that Google hates duplicate content, and that means all your product descriptions are cancelling each other out.

    4. Stuffing Descriptions with Keywords

    Nothing makes for a more boring and awkward read than a product description stuffed to the brim with keywords. You’re wasting your time with this practice anyway, because keyword stuffing is a pretty big no-no in Google’s eyes. Sure, they want you to be found, but not by replacing quality content with the same words over and over. Not only do those keywords not really help you anymore, but you’ll also look pretty silly. Instead of trying to cram all those phrases in, try writing copy that really answers questions about the product while also entertaining the customers.

    5. Plain Ol’ Boring Content

    Even if you’ve managed to replace all the product descriptions with informative, non-keyword-stuffed content, you could still suffer bad results due to boring content. Your product descriptions are your one chance to convince buyers this is the product they’ve been looking for. By doing the bare minimum, you’re letting one opportunity after another pass you by. Instead, spend some serious time with your product descriptions. ModCloth is a paragon of delicious product descriptions, just like the one below:

    product description seo

    If you can’t write, find a copywriter to help you out. Whatever you need to do, do it, so you can have entertaining, informative, helpful, useful content that drives sales.

    With these tips, you can get your product descriptions in shape in no time. You deserve quality content people want to read, even if you have to work a bit harder to get it. The end result is copy your customers will love and Google will happily share in search results. Isn’t that worth the extra time and attention?

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