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    Infographic: 3 Reasons You Can't Ignore Pinterest Influencers

    Posted by Jennifer Kardell

    The Power of Pinterest's Popular Kids

    infographic credit: hello society

    Look, if you’re still ignoring Pinterest after so much irrefutable proof that this social network give your company the ability to reach millions of people, then maybe you don’t really deserve to see this infographic. We're kidding, but 70 million other users have already discovered the power of Pinterest. They know consumers who find products on this particular platform spend an average of $168 during each shopping session, which is nearly double the average spend on Facebook. Convincing you, however, after all this time, might be futile.

    Telling you about Pinterest influencers probably wouldn’t do much good, either, would it? If you don’t even have a business Pinterest account, you probably wouldn’t much care how another user with millions of followers might actually convince those followers to purchase your products.

    If any of this describes you, stop being stubborn (or scared to tackle social media). Read up on the statistics surrounding Pinterest, and then open your business Pinterest account. Once you’ve got that going, it’s time to seek out the Pinterest users who will help you make a difference. These are the influencers, the pinners with clout, and you need them. Why?

    1. Expanded Reach

    Even Target, the retail giant, knows it needs a bit of help now and then. The verified authentic pin board has garnered only about 150,000 followers, which is really nothing to sneeze at. Still, Target—which has done some pretty crafty stuff with Pinterest anyway—found a way to expand their reach by millions. The brand reached out to several different pinners and invited them to create their own Target products. These Pinterest users have followers that total in the tens of millions, so with this one swift move, Target managed to get pins to the masses.

    2. Follow the Leader

    Online retailer ModCloth realizes that people will naturally follow a leader. To bring those leading Pinterest influencers out of hiding, the company sponsored a contest with a nice juicy prize. A scavenger hunt of sorts, the contest required followers to pin various images that matched elements of a wedding theme. Of course, hundreds of people jumped on board for the chance to win goodies from ModCloth. More important to note, however, is that, as pinners with huge numbers of followers joined the fun, they inspired their own followers to start pinning. This follow-the-leader technique intensified the competition, got people talking, and best of all, inspired some serious ModCloth pinning.

    3. Trickle Down Influence

    Now, there’s always going to be the leaders (influencers) and the followers, but what about those who just like to find cute things on Pinterest? Sure, you like the idea of one person reaching millions, but what about one of those millions actually making a purchase? That’s right; it doesn’t matter how many people see your products if no one’s buying.

    Consider the reality that 88% of people who pin an item end up purchasing that particular product. That’s a lot. If you’re working with influencers in some way to get those pins on boards, you know that your pins will average 107.4 repins, as opposed to just 4.2 repins when left up to the average user. And, as any math genius knows, 88% of 107.4 is greater than 88% of 4.2.

    And there you have it: three pretty compelling reasons to go join Pinterest right now and start seeking out those influencers. Social proof is important for growing your business, right? You rely on word-of-mouth to spread the news about your cool products. What faster way to do this than with a proven social media platform? As a bonus, you’re probably going to have a lot of fun on Pinterest, but don’t worry. We won’t say we told you so.

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