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    5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Corporate Culture

    Posted by Pat Owings

    How to Implement Changes in Your Workplace

    corporate cultureChange never happens overnight. In fact, a lot of people might argue that things never change. So, why should you attempt a company facelift, especially if you’ve been in business for a while? Simply put, a healthy corporate culture means a healthy bottom line. When change equals prosperity, you’ll find many people are willing to make an effort, but don’t expect it to be easy or quick. You can move things along with a few of these tips, though.



    Too many times, senior executives simply assume they know what’s best for the company and its employees. If you think it’s time to make a change, take the time to ask your employees and customers what they’d like to see. Not only will you receive answers that will help shape your corporate culture, you’ll also make the first big change. When your customers and employees see you’re willing to take their thoughts and opinions into consideration, you slowly crack the wall that’s existed between senior management and everyone else. That puts you one step closer to an open work environment.


    Customers First

    Even if your company has the best reputation for customer service, you can be sure there is room for improvement. Without your customers, you have no company, so putting them first should be your ultimate goal. Keep in mind that offering excellent customer service is so much more than solving their problems when they call. To build a true, lasting relationship with your customers, you must be there for the good and the bad. A newsletter is a great way to get started, but you may discover other options work better for your company. The important thing is to simply keep those customers in the loop. Let them know when new products are coming, how they might save money on their purchases, and what the recent changes in your company mean for the future. They’ll appreciate feeling important and reward you.


    One at a Time

    With your customers and employees finally talking, you can start making a list of the changes needed in the company. Once you have a list of core values, tackle one at a time. You may allocate a week or even a month to make sure the new changes have really taken hold. Be careful not to change too much at once or you’ll take necessary attention away from each and every value you want to change. Values you may want to focus on include accountability, perseverance, discipline, and integrity. Remember, some may take longer than others to implement, so be willing to wait if a particular change isn’t going so well. When employees feel threatened or challenged, they may rebel, so show some patience and restraint.


    Stop Meeting and Start Talking

    If you ask your employees, the very top thing on their list of “hates” would probably be unnecessary meetings. Take a week or two to tally up the amount of time spent in a conference room. Once you see you’re spending more time meeting than actually working, you’ll need to make a change. Instead of gathering everyone together, try quick talks with the important players throughout each day. Make sure everyone involved stands throughout the conversation so no one is tempted to draw out the process longer than necessary. You’ll find that employees are much more receptive to one-on-one conversations that are quick and to the point, and they’re probably going to be a lot more productive, too.


    Stick to Your Guns

    Once you’ve made a decision to change, stick to that decision. Nothing will irritate and confuse your employees more than reversing policies or simply giving up. As previously mentioned, some changes need time to take hold and become successful. Plus, if you back down or change your mind, you’ll only convince employees and customers that you’re impatient or, worse, unable to commit.

    There is no real formula for changing your corporate culture, but these tips should help you see a difference sooner than you expect. Just remember to keep an open mind, show some patience and restraint, and commit to those changes, or you’ll never reach the heights of which your company is capable.

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