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    Infographic: Email Marketing Lives to Fight Another Day

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Email Marketing: Why It's Still Kicking

    For some strange reason, we keep hearing the message that email marketing is a dead end. Sure, plenty of your marketing messages go into spam boxes, and those that don’t might get deleted before the recipient opens them. Instead of taking a chance on those email offers going straight into the trash, many marketers have turned to social media with the hopes more may see the messages. There is also truth to the assertion that social media marketing is an important component in any marketing plan, so kudos if you’ve started Facebooking, Tweeting, and Pinning. Still, we couldn’t help but wonder if email really is dead. And is social media really so much better?

    Then, we found this amazing infographic that answers those questions and more.

    email marketing infographicHow Social Media Trumps Email

    While email is suffering the “death hoax” rumors, social media is showing tremendous growth. In 2012, companies budgeted $4.7 billion to social media marketing, which was a 100% increase over the social media budget for 2011. Social also holds its own when it comes to the cost involved, the potential reach, the ability to measure that reach, and the immediate interaction brands have with buyers.

    In spite of these impressive traits, social still just doesn’t have the powerful punch email marketing packs. That’s right; we said it. Email marketing is not dead. In fact, it’s still thriving.


    How Email Smashes Social

    First, let’s consider how easy email marketing is. You can create and maintain your mailing lists with relative ease, especially since opt-in and opt-out features are available. Campaigns are a lot cheaper than many other forms of marketing, plus you can track the results through various analytics platforms. What we’re saying here is: Email is just as easy to use as social media.

    While equal in ability to use the platforms, email goes on to claim some pretty straightforward victories over social. Believe it or not, email delivers a 4000% return on investment. Yeah, we already stated that it’s not expensive to use email, so you may not think a return of any kind amounts to much. But who can argue with the effectiveness of email with that kind of profit?

    Why would email experience such success? Well, according to a recent survey, 94% of internet users log on simply to check email. Compare that to social’s 61% (which really isn’t a number to sneeze at, either). How could anyone think email marketing is dead when 94% of people online are there to check their email messages? We don’t know, either. The proof doesn’t stop there, either. Of all online adults, 75% say they want to receive their marketing messages by email. That doesn’t sound like a medium that’s keeling over very soon to us.


    How to Choose

    So, it seems as though the results are clearly in email’s favor, but does that mean you should drop your social media marketing efforts and focus only on your email offers? Absolutely not. It’s not our intention to draw you away from any one type of marketing and toward another. Social media still has a very important place in digital marketing, as the recent growth will tell you. Large percentages of consumers still like to connect with brands over social media platforms, whether reaching out for customer service or just trying to get a shout out from their favorite companies.

    A well-rounded digital marketing plan needs both email and social media, and they should be used in different ways with different expected results. How do you use these vastly different marketing tools for your business? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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    Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/Stuart Miles

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