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    Trending Now: Twitter Announces a Facebook-Inspired Makeover

    Posted by Jennifer Kardell

    Twitter's Proposed Redesign Leaves Many People Scratching Their Heads


    screenshot credit: matt petronizio

    The hot topic today is the latest changes Twitter may be making to its layout. While only a few select people have seen the new look, the talk is loud enough to hear around the world. Basically, the new Twitter will look like Facebook. For those who love the fact that Twitter is pretty much nothing like Facebook, the changes could cause some serious problems. So, why would this wildly popular and wholly unique social networking site consider for even a moment lining up next to Facebook? We’re not entirely sure, but we have a theory or two.

    Upping Their Game

    Twitter went public in November of 2013, a calculated move to raise the company’s value. And it worked. Still, in order to maintain that value, Twitter has to keep the stockholders happy. What makes a stockholder happy? More money. Therefore, the pressure is really on to keep Twitter at the top of its game.

    You may have noticed the site has already undergone one layout change since the company went public. This change, of course, was tested quietly before being unleashed on the world. Why on earth would Twitter consider a new change so soon after the latest design’s debut? Moreover, why would they step out of the usual Twitter style and right into someone else’s?

    The same reason they went public to begin with. The same reason they need to keep those stockholders happy. Money.

    What Features to Expect

    While the new design hasn’t exactly gone public yet, it’s only a matter of time. As of right now, Twitter has moved the profile picture to the top left side of the page. The header image, which currently sits just behind the profile photo, will instead be moved to take up the top center of the page. If that sounds familiar, it should: It will look very much like Facebook’s current layout.

    Those updates won’t line up vertically like you’re used to, either. Instead, they’ll be spread across the page Pinterest-style, with more room allotted to the photos and videos tweeted and less to the simple text updates. In all, the new design will resemble nothing of the one you’re used to. If you want a closer look, Mashable posted some great screenshots.

    Why the Copycat Move?

    So, now we know why the changes are coming so soon after these current changes, and we know what it’s going to look like. The question still left is: Why would Twitter so boldly copy Facebook’s general layout (with that little nod to Pinterest, too, of course)? This general comparison below may help clear that up:

    twitter redesign

    Facebook’s numbers on the left show significantly higher numbers for registered users and estimated value. If Twitter really wants to make more money to keep stockholders happy and continue boosting the value of the company, they need a tried and true method. Facebook has already shown how it’s done.

    What do you think of the coming changes to Twitter? Will you be more likely to use the social network or is this just the last straw? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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