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    The 7 Most Intriguing Marketing Campaign Concepts of All Time

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Guest Post: Advertising for the Ages

    Many companies have created marketing campaigns that have stuck in the minds of consumers, and it’s hard to think of a brand without associating a clever slogan or campaign. This has made companies that were previously struggling become much more successful, even many years later, long after the campaign ended. Here are just a few of the most intriguing marketing campaigns.

    1. Volkswagen

    After World War II, it was difficult to imagine Americans buying anything German-made, especially their vehicles. In 1960, a clever marketing strategist came up with the slogan, “Think Small.” This slogan took honesty to a new level in marketing; Volkswagen never tried to trick the consumer into thinking that a Bug was something that it wasn’t. Instead, they embraced the car for what it is: small, compact, and easy to park in tight areas. The campaign worked, and Volkswagen became one of the top foreign car manufacturers that Americans purchase. This is a great lesson for future marketers: honesty really is the best policy.

    2. Nike

    Even people in foreign countries know of Nike’s famous slogan, “Just Do It.” Thanks to their sponsorships of professional athletes, consumers see the Nike logo and immediately think of this popular phrase. However, just 15 years ago, Nike’s brand was all about catering to marathon runners and offered very few other options for various sports. In the 10-year period after marketers came up with the slogan, annual sales went from $800 million to more than nine billion. The phrase worked, because any person at any time during the day could repeat that phrase when he or she felt less motivated to get out there and exercise.

    3. Marlboro

    When Marlboro introduced the Marlboro Man, they were selling a lifestyle instead of just a product. By using a rugged, tough, and outdoorsy man, it appealed to the man who wanted to become more like the Marlboro Man. It associated this type of lifestyle with cigarettes, even in a time when cigarettes were proving to be very unhealthy and dangerous.

    4. Absolut

    Many liquor manufacturers try to make their product stand out on the shelf. They know that the customer has hundreds of choices when they walk into a liquor store or grocery store, so making a unique and eye-catching bottle seemed to be the best way to appeal to a broader audience. However, Absolut Vodka changed this concept by marketing a basic bottle with just text printed on it, and launched a very successful marketing campaign that has made it one of the most recognizable vodka brands. They have created more than 1500 different ads that all include the bottle.

    5. Got Milk?

    You might not think that a marketing campaign that featured basic black and white text would be as successful as it was, but the Got Milk? campaign increased milk sales in California by seven percent in one year. Additionally, the campaign sparked thousands of copycat slogans, which further increased its popularity. Even a decade after the campaign, marketers are still using the black text and matching font to promote their own products, and consumers still fondly remember the Got Milk? slogan and its wild popularity.

    6. Apple

    Apple was able to capitalize on the concept of superiority with its “Get a Mac” campaign. This featured an older business person and a young and hip famous actor, each talking about the benefits of PC versus Mac computers. This essentially made those who have a Mac feel like they are part of the “cool” group of Mac users, while PC users seemed old and outdated. Apple positioned there computers as must-have devices among the tech savvy, almost as important as simply having an internet connection.  Many consumers raced out and bought a Mac, and to this day Apple products are considered elite. But many other brands are catching up in popularity and creating excellent campaigns of their own.

    7. De Beers

    De Beers came up with the slogan, “A Diamond is Forever,” which revolutionized the jewelry market. It played on the concept that a diamond helps a relationship last, and no proposal would be appreciated unless a diamond ring was involved. This idea made diamonds seem like a necessary product, while before the slogan came out, they were in the luxury market.

    Advertising products in a unique way might seem like an impossible task, but when looking at these examples, we can see that even the most basic and simple idea can be very successful.

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    Author Bio: Morgan Sims is a freelance writer who loves all things tech. Connect with her on Twitter: @MorganSims00


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