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    3 Ways to Turn Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

    Posted by Pat Owings

    Are Your Employees Hyped About Your Brand?

    When you think about the strongest ambassadors for your brand, who comes to mind? Your customers, your family, your investors? Many of us would consider this question and probably think of the people who need, use and are devoted to the purchase of our products or services. Their advocacy is absolutely effective, because they're providing solid word-of-mouth for your brand’s reputation.

    Something that many company owners and managers overlook, however, is the power of advocacy right in their very own office. Your employees can absolutely be some of your most passionate and effective brand ambassadors; the trick, of course, is getting them to brand ambassador status.

    Why is it so important (and helpful) to make brand advocates out of your employees? For starters, customers are more likely to listen to insiders who are directly involved with your product or service than they are to listen to people are paid solely to push those products or services. You can also use your employees’ experience at your company to create informative, accurate content that will establish your brand as an authority and attract customers who value that authority. Here are a few tips for turning your employees into evangelists for your brand.

    Create an Awesome Work Environment

    This probably goes without saying, but we had to say it. Employees who are happy with their work environments are much more likely to make effective advocates for your brand. There are few things that are more bankable for your company these days than a qualified human touch on your social media networking sites. This means that your employees, who are informed, respected and happy in their place of work, can take to social media sites and advocate for your brand in a way that will feel genuine, legitimate and, above all, human.

    A few ways to create an awesome work environment, you ask? Rewards and incentives for good performance are great places to start. Delegation of tasks based on employees’ unique abilities also makes for a boom in work environment happiness. Encourage open communication among your employees and always find time to listen to their concerns or opinions on important topics. Employees who are confident and respected in their workplace make incredible advocates for your company and provide excellent resources for finding new hires and new customers because they are so knowledgeable about each facet of your company.

    Take the Time to Familiarize Your Employees With All Aspects of Your Company

    As we said in our previous points, employees with a thorough knowledge of your company make far better advocates than employees who only know about the area in which they work. Take the time to familiarize your employees, no matter what their position, with each aspect of your company, and make sure that employees from different departments have plenty of opportunities to mingle and get to know one another.

    An open work environment, where the writers are as familiar with the graphic designers as they are the social media team can help establish open lines of communication, a better bonded company team and a better group of brand advocates when it comes to knowledge and talking points.

    Build Trust in Your Product or Service

    When it comes to hiring employees who are excellent potential advocates for your brand, it’s important to make sure that they have trust in and regard for your company’s product or services. Establishing trust in your company is easy when your candidates are already users of the product or service your company offers; a healthy prior knowledge will also likely mean your job candidate can talk knowledgably about your company’s unique benefits for consumers.

    The point is that creating a brand advocate out of an employee is easier when that employee is already familiar, at least cursorily, with your company. When you have the bare bones of familiarity to work with, the path to brand evangelism is much smoother. You employee, with a more complete look at the inner-workings of your company, will go from casual observer to brand enthusiast in no time.

    Brand evangelism is no doubt a valuable commodity in our world of the socially-driven consumer and constant desire for a human element in the products and services we purchase and support. Some of your most valuable brand evangelists exist right in your office, if you know how best to hone and utilize their knowledge of and love for your company.

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